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Zoom on the hippie dress:the key piece of bohemian looks

The bohemian trend is a big hit this year. Long, flowing dresses, nonchalant looks, chic and relaxed spirit, the bohemian style is in vogue. We are also talking about the gispet trend , an upgraded version bohemian style with an added glamorous touch.

The symbol of this new genre:the hippie dress .

Adopted by designers and then by fashionistas around the world, the hippie dress becomes an essential piece this summer. There are long, short and especially in an infinite number of prints:geometric, floral, ethnic etc.

If the hippie style is easy to reproduce, you must however respect certain basic rules to sport a modern style with your hippie dress.

How to wear the hippie dress without falling into the cliché of the 70s? Focus on a modern and trendy fashion piece with a romantic and chic style.

Discover all our tips for choosing a hippie dress this summer!

Gipsy trend VS bohemian trend

What is this new alternating current that everyone is talking about this summer, the gipsy girl style ?What is the difference between bohemian and gipsy ?

The gipsy touch is a clever mix of bohemian/hippie style in an even more glamorous version!

With its very wild look and chic, the gipsy girl has everything from a girl with a free and cool character, while remaining ultra-glamorous.

The key piece of this trend? The hippie dress !!!

Like the bohemian style which flourishes perfectly in a romantic and bucolic spirit, the gipsy girl has this wilder side. The prints inspire travel with an ethnic and nomadic style.

The hippie dress:star of the gipsy look and the bohemian look

Whether you opt for one or the other of these very similar trends, you need a hippie dress to perfect your seventies style. .

What is the hippie dress?

The hippie dress takes different shapes and cuts according to your desires.

It's a fluid and light dress, pleasant to wear:the perfect dress for summer!

We wear it both on the beach and in town. Thanks to its remastered version in chic mode, it even fits in chic evening outfits.

Choosing a hippie dress

  • When it comes to colors, go for very soft shades for a romantic style :nude, cream, beige or pastel!!Powder pink, ivory, peach, chick yellow etc.
  • For a more rebellious and more glamorous version, dare ethnic prints that look like muses.
  • Overuse lace and crochet , the two essential materials for this style.
  • Long dresses are perfect for a hippie style, but there are also very pretty short hippie dresses .

How to accessorize a hippie dress?

What accessories with a hippie dress?

Accessories are very important to give character to your hippie style:straw hat, hoop earrings, multicolored jewelry, ethnic clutches, fringed sandals, head scarf, etc.

  • Bet on color to make your look sparkle.
  • Opt for accessories made of natural materials for the wild touch !
  • Wear your hippie dress as a beach dress with a hat or scarf and some colorful bracelets.

What shoes to wear with a hippie dress?

Hippie dresses are often very long and flowing, opt for sandals or flat shoes instead.

  • For a rock spirit, take out your biker boots and wear a perfecto.
  • For a more casual style, suede or leather sandals are perfect.
  • If you wear a short hippie dress, you can also try cowboy-style high boots or low-boots (if it's not too hot of course!).

What jacket to wear with a hippie dress?

You have a multitude of options for your jackets:

  • The denim jacket in a short, fitted version.
  • The oversized denim jacket.
  • Denim jacket with ethnic motifs or embroidery.
  • The perefcto in leather.
  • The suede biker jacket.
  • An oversized blazer.
  • A loose sweater or XXL version.

Denim and leather are very interesting because they break up the wise and romantic look of the hippie dress. They bring a casual or rebellious spirit and give character.

In summary:

The hippie dress is very trendy this year. To accessorize and wear your hippie dress in style, opt for:

  • Long, flowing dresses.
  • Light and loose dresses.
  • Maxi petticoats.
  • Colorful jewelry.
  • Accessories:scarf, hat, belt, etc.
  • Flats in suede or leather.
  • Biker boots for a bohemian rock style.
  • On the jacket side, opt for jeans, leather or oversized versions.