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6 fashion tips for wearing a rock t-shirt with style

With the return of the sixties to the forefront of the fashion scene, the rock trend is more present than ever this year. Fan of the Sex Pistols or simple addict of this rebel-like style, the rock t-shirt upgrade a basic look in no time.

Gone are the days when the concert t-shirt was that of groupies or bikers. Therock t-shirt has become completely democratized to become a must-have this year. You see it everywhere and it goes with everything.

The mixed good? Riding the masculine/feminine trend by opting for feminine pieces to twist with her rock t-shirt.

Rendering? A very glam’ rock trendy chic urban look !

How to wear the rock t-shirt in style this year? Discover the most stylish looks of the moment.

What is a rock t-shirt?

Metallica , Sex Pistols , Nirvana , ACDC and many others have become the emblems of girly looks this season.

Not a fan of hard rock music? No matter! The rock t-shirt is one of the 2020 trendy t-shirts and I would even say that he displays a certain state of mind. A nonchalant attitude, a rebellious look and a dose of madness!

The rock t-shirt is perfect for sublimating a too wise look.

Band logo, eagle, flame, skull, this is what you will find mainly on rock t-shirts. Slightly oversized cuts to follow the trend of the moment.

Wear a rock t-shirt, is to be on the page! It's a retro fashion though, isn't it? Yes, the rock style is vintage, but vintage has been coming more than ever into our wardrobes in recent years. Go for it!

How to wear the rock t-shirt?

You have a thousand and one ways to adopt the rock style. From the feminine version to the punk version, here are the most trendy looks of the moment.

Wear your rock t-shirt with jeans

It's the basics, jeans and rock go hand in hand! Boyfriend jeans, slim jeans, mum jeans or flare jeans for an offbeat look, all cuts go well with the logo t-shirt . The ideal is to choose a trendy cut. Same thing for denim shorts! Whether you opt for black, raw or white shorts, choose them slightly destroyed to assume your total rock look. The alternative to jeans:khaki pants! It works very well in the rock register.

Wear a rock t-shirt with a perfecto

Your ally in this quest for rock attitude, the perfecto of course! A modern and coherent touch for a trendy and trendy rock look.

We wear it in all sauces, whether you have opted for a skirt, jeans or shorts, just put it on over your outfit.

Wear the rock t-shirt with a skirt

To feminize this masculine-inspired trend, we dare to pair your rock t-shirt with a skirt .

You can very easily have fun with this type of association.

Our favourite:opt for a 100° turn by mixing ultra-refined materials with a logo t-shirt. A long tutu-style tulle skirt in a midi cut with biker boots, a high-waisted skirt in a skater style with leather sandals etc.

Wear the rock t-shirt with a denim jacket

It's the same for the denim jacket, it goes perfectly with the rock trend and the punk t-shirts !

Seventies spirit, we now wear it in an oversize version for a modern and retro style at the same time.

Wearing a rock t-shirt with glitter

If you've been reading us for a long time, you know that glitter is back!

Sequins, rhinestones and disco ball skirts have resurfaced this year to embellish our looks with a retro spirit that inspires the world of the night. A fashion touch that brings elegance and that we love to mix with masculine pieces.

If you are looking for achic look with a rock t-shirt , opt for a glitter pencil skirt! You will get a sublime shift between the crazy look of your t-shirt and the chic nightclub spirit of your lady's version skirt.

Wear the rock t-shirt in a t-shirt dress version

The XXL t-shirt is very popular this summer. Sexy and casual at the same time, wear a casual streetwear look with an oversized t-shirt dress with the image of an old rock band.

You can also have your own t-shirt created with, in particular, the Madame T-Shirt site (discover the brand).

To make it all more feminine, don't forget the accessories:jewelery and a handbag add a glamorous touch necessary for a successful look!

In summary:

  • You don't have to be a hard rock fan to wear a rock t-shirt!
  • This trend can be worn both casual and casual chic.
  • You can mix and match your logo t-shirt with 100% feminine pieces like a leather skirt, a midi skirt, a pleated skirt etc.
  • For a perfect rock look, add a biker jacket and biker boots.