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18K Gold Chain:How to Choose a Chain Design for Life?

Timeless, timeless, elegant and discreet, the gold chain is a must in the jewelry department. Well chosen, it will accompany you all your life without losing its shine or its solidity. Discover all our tips for choosing a gold chain model for life !

Understanding what a carat is to choose the right gold chain

We often hear about "carats" or even "k", but what exactly do these terms mean? We take stock of the concept of carat in jewelry.

What is a carat in jewelry?

When we talk about "carat", we are really talking about the purity of a precious metal. The vast majority of jewelry we wear is indeed made from an alloy of different metals, and it is extremely rare to see a piece of jewelry that is 100% fine gold, for example. If we mix several metals to make jewelry, it is to be able to take advantage of their different properties and, thus, ensure a better longevity to a part, or to make it more shiny, or more flexible, etc.

Pure gold in particular, is a naturally flexible metal, too much to make a jewel that will keep its shape over time. In order to be able to work it and make it into a jewel, it is necessary to "harden" the gold, by adding, for example, silver, palladium or even copper. The concept of carats therefore makes it possible to know in what proportions fine gold is present in the jewel . The more carats, the purer the gold:

  • 9 carats =37.5% fine gold
  • 14k =58.5% fine gold
  • 18 carats =75% fine gold
  • 24 carats =99.9% fine gold

What are the differences between a 9 and 18 karat gold chain?

Now that we've seen the theory, let's see what the carat count entails from a practical and aesthetic standpoint. What differences will you be able to notice between an 18 carat gold chain and a 9 carat gold chain for example?

First important difference, the question of hardness. 9k gold is harder than 18k gold, which will make your jewelry more brittle. Conversely, 18-carat gold jewelry are more resistant since their flexibility allows them to absorb shocks without breaking. Then, you should know that 9 carat gold will tend to oxidize faster than 18k gold jewelry. In question, the highest proportion of copper and / or silver, which are metals more sensitive to oxidation. Finally, from a strictly aesthetic point of view, 18 carat gold is shinier and has a more vibrant color than 9k gold jewelry.

How many carats for a durable gold chain?

If you are looking for a gold chain that you can keep for life , we of course advise you to opt for 18 carat gold . Your jewel will be durable, bright and shiny, in addition to being a very beautiful object, absolutely timeless. In addition, the high proportion of gold in 18-carat jewelry allows it to retain its naturally non-allergenic properties, making it an excellent choice for a birth gift, children's jewelry or even an accessory to wear. daily. It is true that an 18 carat gold chain will be more expensive than a 9 carat jewel, but its longevity will be incomparable, it is a jewel that will last a lifetime !

How to choose your gold chain:what you need to know

Besides the quality of gold , there are other things to consider when choosing a gold chain , especially if you want to wear it for a long time! Here are some criteria that will help you narrow down your choice.

The color of gold

As we said, the gold used in jewelry comes from an alloy of fine gold and other metals , mainly copper and silver. It is the proportions of the latter that determine the final shade of the jewel. Thus, depending on the amount of silver or copper added to the fine gold, we obtain yellow gold, pink gold, or even white gold. The choice of color is mainly based on your taste:there is no one color of gold better than another! Yellow gold is a timeless classic, white gold is very elegant and lends itself well to male jewelry , pink gold is more original… We advise you to choose the color of your gold chain according to your complexion and the natural color of your hair :you will be sure to wear a jewel that will reveal the radiance of your complexion!

The mesh type

The universe of the gold chain is vast and there are a multitude of types of links! The most widespread are the forçat, round convict and curb chain. The first, the convict mesh, is probably the most classic mesh which is for a gold chain. It will work for both male and female jewelry and is completely timeless. The round cable knit is also a great classic. The result is finer and rounder than with a simple cable knit, which makes it a rather feminine knit. Finally, the chain link is obtained with flat links and rather tight, resulting in a shinier and often more masculine gold chain.

The length of the jewel

Last thing to consider when choosing your gold chain :its length. Again, it's mostly a matter of taste:how high do you want your jewelry to fall? We generally recommend 45 cm for a christening chain, knowing that a 40 cm chain corresponds to an adult woman's choker. For a men's gold chain, it is better to plan at least 50 cm.