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7 ideas for Christmas dresses

Over here, we love the end of year celebrations. This festive and family universe gives us a new opportunity to choose a beautiful party outfit and crack for a new dress.

To go with your family or to receive on Christmas Day, there is no question of being dressed as in everyday life. The Christmas dress is one of the must-haveend-of-year outfits . And it's also the pleasure of looking beautiful to be immortalized in family photos.

To follow the trends and find the Christmas dress perfect, we have prepared some inspirational looks for you for the holidays.

What dress to wear at Christmas?

When we think of the Christmas dress, we immediately think of the evening dress, the one that we would not easily wear every other day of the year. But be careful, dress for Christmas does not mean taking out the ceremonial dress .

Which cut of Christmas dress to choose?

The flared dress is the most suitable dress for the occasion, just like the midi dress. Very trendy this year, you will find a multitude of flared and/or midi cuts.

I advise you to opt for one of these trendy dresses of the moment with volumes, an asymmetrical sleeve, XXL shoulders eighties version , balloon sleeves, ruffles or even a little detail that will make all the difference.

What color dress to choose for Christmas?

When it comes to color, it's easy, you simply immerse yourself in the Christmas world and its festive and chic color variations.

So you can't go wrong with a red, burgundy, blue, green or black dress. Attention, we did not say that you could not wear a yellow dress at Christmas, but if you are looking for sure values, stick to these colors mentioned.

Plain dress VS printed dress?

On the print side, watch out for too modern prints such as leopard or python type animal print. In detail on a peter pan collar, the animal print can bring a little trendy touch, but in total look on your dress, it is not the ideal print for the holidays.

Being trendy is good, but don't forget that Christmas is a traditional holiday. And who says tradition, says elegant and discreet family outfit .

7 must-have Christmas dresses

The sweater dress

We start with a must-have Christmas dresses :the sweater dress.

If you are a fan of the Christmas spirit, that you buy the Christmas sweater every year with snowflakes, a snowman or simply the Christmas Father , the Christmas sweater dress is made for you. A little Bridget Jones spirit I grant you, but a standard that always makes success with its enchanted spirit!

Just a little advice though, if you don't want to look cheesy with a Christmas sweater dress, bet everything on the accessories! For example, you can give style to your sweater dress by opting for black thigh-high boots .

In terms of patterns, be careful with XXL patterns, the more conspicuous it is, the worse it is…I would rather recommend classic prints such as snowflakes, Christmas reindeer, but above all not the head of Santa Claus wide, long and across your dress.

And then, you can also opt for a plain, chic and traditional sweater dress...

The red dress

The red dress, it's the chic women's dress par excellence.

First of all, red is perfect for a party like Christmas. It is a warm color that will put you forward without a doubt.

Choose a chic and feminine cut like a beautiful skater dress that you will wear with pumps.

The green dress

In tulle, lace, silk or satin, green is immediately sublimated. For the occasion, I recommend an emerald green or a fir green.

Noë's shimmering dress l

Copper, gold, silver, with glitter or sequins, lamé and scintillating are perfect for a party outfit.

I advise you to opt for a gold or copper lamé dress to shine during the holidays.

The traditional black dress

Impossible to miss the unbeatable black dress . And on the choice side, the black dress gives you the possibility to choose the cut you like. From the short little black dress to the shirt dress, black is a sign of elegance. You will find them everywhere, in all the stores. All you have to do is make your choice!

The nude dress

This season,the nude color is very fashionable . We love it for its minimalist and chic spirit. And precisely for the holidays it is the ideal color!

The navy blue dress

Navy blue is a very elegant shade. It is a color that is very easy to wear for formal events:weddings, chic evenings, parties.

It is also a fairly royal shade that goes really well with golden jewelry. As for shoes, nude is ideal to enhance the navy blue dress.