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Jewelry to accessorize a look

Jewelry can make or completely break an outfit. Well chosen, they add sparkle, gracefully formalize or transform a look. The base ? A material adapted to the occasion and a design that reflects your personality and your style. By learning to match your jewelry to your clothes, you will be able to enhance any outfit.

How to accessorize a look with jewelry?

These accessories should be the extension of your look and allow you to express your style and personality. They have been worn for centuries to add cachet to an outfit or to display one's social status. While trends come and go, some rules are timeless. You have to be aware of the suitable outfit for each occasion and choose jewelry to match her clothes so that they compliment them.

Some jewelry can be worn every day, such as the wedding ring, the watch or a simple neck chain. For work, avoid bracelets that will interfere with typing on your computer keyboard and jewelry that makes noise with your every movement. For formal events , “less is more” is the best strategy to adopt.

Outfits with lots of patterns pair with simple, minimalist jewelry, and outfits in nautical-inspired colors provide the perfect backdrop for pearl beads. If you have several character jewels , avoid wearing more than one at a time. However, they are perfect if you opt for an equally daring outfit.

Natural stones to pair with a classic look

Elegant and timeless, he bets on quality with clothes with a simple but neat cut, and classic and sober shoes. This go-anywhere look , synonymous with good taste, is suitable for the professional context and likes classic and timeless pieces.

The classic wardrobe includes some key pieces:white shirt, shift dress, pencil skirt, suit set, etc.

On the jewelry side, the classic style emphasizes pure and concise lines, finesse and simple refinement. They are worn by accent, without overloading the look. Pearls are a must:as stud earrings to go to work or as a necklace for special occasions. Natural, precious and semi-precious stones will suit this look, which we will choose rather simple and without fantasy. We prefer silver and white gold to yellow gold.

The white shirt, with a simple and straight cut, can be chosen slightly oversized. It can be paired with a close-fitting pencil skirt, and its high waist is revealed by tucking in the blouse. You can opt for pearl or gemstone chips, which are discreet and small in size.

The shift dress is an easy classic to wear with or without sleeves, and which can be fitted at the waist or not. To go to work, you can bet on small smooth silver rings or on a necklace with a stone pendant. Sobriety remains the key .

The suit set, fitted jacket and straight pants, is essential for power dressing. Alone or combined, they allow the wearer to sport a powerful, authoritative and competent look. For this outfit, you can opt for a watch with a leather or steel strap, such as Milanese mesh .

Bohemian look:what jewelry?

After the classic bohemian style, the bohemian chic (boho chic) ​​appeared for more softness and elegance.

Classic bohemian

Synonymous with sparkle and movement, this look is romantic with a certain hippie edge. He likes lace, knits, crochet or even ethnic motifs. The classic bohemian movement is shaping up to be a bit of a return to old textures and dress codes. Clothes for this look are lace tops, maxi skirts, tunics or faux fur vests.

The classic bohemian look lends itself very well to accessories and her favorite jewelry is silver . He likes natural or semi-precious stones, but also costume jewelry, especially with feathers.

The silver or fancy anklet chain accentuates an outfit where the top of the foot is visible, such as with a dress or maxi skirt and sandals , and reveals itself discreetly. For a classic bohemian outfit, you can highlight your neck with a long necklace or a chain with a pendant. The latter is particularly suitable if your top is simple and your outfit requires a bit of fantasy.

Rope bracelets, those with charms and silver semainiers are perfect for this look. If we like an abundance of jewelry, we must however choose them carefully and not fall into excess. We avoid rings on all fingers, but we can very well wear one on each hand, with turquoise. The silver toe rings are also very original and fit perfectly with this theme.

Bohemian chic

Compared to classic bohemian, it is more elaborate and refined, less exuberant and less whimsical. In terms of textures, we find crochet and lace, transparency and fluidity. Floral patterned skirts and dresses remain, as does silver jewelry. The latter are chosen simple, so as not to crush the outfit.

For example, you can wear a long patterned skirt with a turtleneck sweater tucked in and tight at the waist with a black belt. Silver bangles and earrings complete the outfit.

The white dress with crochet or lace details, with a V-neckline and sleeves, can be accessorized, for example, with a silver chain and a mother-of-pearl pendant. We add several bracelets on one of the wrists:stone beads and silver bangles . The other wrist wears a watch with a white background and a leather strap.

If you are going to a wedding with a bohemian chic theme, bet on carefully chosen costume jewellery:a long ethnic necklace or earrings made of natural material, for example. You can also wear a discreet and sober silver ring.

Feminine looks, the choice of precious stones

These looks emphasize femininity:with finesse and seduction for glamour, and lightness and naturalness for the romantic feminine look.

Glamorous feminine

This look follows the curves of the body, it seduces with refinement and minimalism. It is that of confident women who like to be noticed. The clothes are close to the body, with a particular affinity for necklines. Red, shades of red and black are her favorite colours, but this look also likes gold, silver, emerald green or navy blue, as well as sequins, rhinestones and all that glitters in moderate doses .

Heels, skirts, suits and dresses are paired with jewels by accent, which structure the outfit and overload it.

The little black dress with a dramatic back is worn, for example, with black pumps and a trench coat simply placed on the shoulders. Accessorize with white gold earrings and a bracelet with charms set with precious stones , without falling into ostentation.

We adopt the casual glam with slim jeans, canvas shoes and a white shirt. To break the too casual side, we opt for a necklace in fall (prefer silver) and a minimalist watch.

Romantic feminine

With its precious fabrics, embroidery, ribbons, floral prints and pastel colors, the romantic look is that of the child woman . Impulsive, she knows what she wants and does not follow trends. This look loves wispy textures, thin scarves and scarves, precious and stone jewelry. As for shoes, the romantic style likes heels and boots that hug the curve of the calf. The hairstyles are free , or loosely braided hair.

The romantic look likes skilfully measured details. If you want to wear a watch, opt for thin and feminine models that won't weigh down your wrist, such as small dials with leather or textile straps.

For work, we combine straight trousers with a light and airy shirt and yellow gold rings, discreet and refined . Going to an event dressed? Wear a fluid jumpsuit with a set of natural silver stones, all in finesse. They shouldn't be too flashy, just enhance the outfit.

Minimalist look:which jewels to favor?

Far from being casual, this style is characterized by quality pieces, with a sober cut and clean lines , and which can lend themselves to several different outfits. The flagship garments are the suit, the fitted and unadorned jacket, the little black dress, the turtleneck, the plain t-shirt or the long and flowing coat. The minimalist look likes precious materials, such as cashmere, silk, gold and fine stones.

The watch with a minimalist spirit is of high quality, it is an extension of the outfit more than an accessory. The jewelry in this look is few, but very neat. For example, we think of a bare white gold ring, a flexible bracelet or a thin gold chain, with a few cut stones or diamond stud earrings.

If you opt for a total black look, a nylon and diamond necklace will highlight your neck. For a casual outing, a perfecto and black skinny jeans, worn with a white t-shirt, go with a black leather watch and bag, and sterling silver hoop earrings.

Casual looks

These styles emphasize the comfort and practicality of the outfit . If casual casual can be worn at work (smart casual:by choosing the right clothes and shoes), casual sporty is resolutely urban and is reserved for free time, unless you are an influencer.

Casual casual

The watchwords of this look are simplicity, sobriety and comfort. It mixes the formal and the informal to soften a business outfit and take away any pretension. Its colors are sober and classic, with a predominance of black, grey, blue, beige and white. The must-have clothes and shoes for this style are slim jeans, leather ankle boots, white sneakers, suit jackets, t-shirts, straight pants or vests. It's really about adding elegance and finesse to an otherwise casual outfit.

For example, wear a patterned jersey dress with a stone bead bracelet or a mottled effect dress with a long fancy necklace. This look that pregnant women particularly like is perfectly suited for the pregnancy bola .

Sporty casual

This style likes colors, even flashy ones, as long as they are well harmonized. These streetwear outfits are comfortable, casual and follow fashion . Trends are constantly refreshed, with new collections of sneakers or clothing trends. At the moment, he is highlighting crop tops and crop sweatshirts, destroyed jeans, loose clothes, simple sweaters, cycling shorts, XXL sneakers and backpacks.

The cycling shorts is worn with a large t-shirt, XXL sneakers and a massive chain around the neck for an “athleisure” outfit. You can also combine it with a tank top covered with a tight oversized shirt with a belt at the waist and shoes with heels. With this look, we can dare the oversized hoop earrings in gold plated. The hip hop style from which it is inspired gives pride of place to oversized and ostentatious jewellery:zircons, XXL pendants, personalized or major brand jewellery.

Jewellery to pair with creative looks

These styles deeply reflect the personality of the one who adopts them.

Rock look

Asserted and feminine , he made black his flagship color. In terms of materials, he particularly likes leather and denim. For this style full of confidence, sober and cold, you can bet on jewelry. The fingers are adorned with thick solid silver rings , braided mesh or signet rings. You can wear the choker necklace, the leather or rope bracelets and the gothic style earrings (skull, cross, etc.)

Dramatic look

This style likes bright colors, original hairstyles, maxi or mini accessories, patterned printed fabrics, excessive checks and bold prints. Women who embrace the dramatic look can easily incorporate jewelry that is out of the ordinary to their outfit:thumb or knuckle ring, septum piercing or leather bracelets.

Vintage look

Clothes in this style may be new, but they are ideally second-hand to be in tune with current concerns. The vintage style brings the old up to date , incorporating retro clothes into more current outfits.

Checks, velvet, polka-dot dresses and butterfly sunglasses rub shoulders with revisits of old models of handbags from major brands . When it comes to jewellery, pearls are a must, as are yellow gold, solid silver and natural stones.