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Glasses fashion 2021 – glasses trends 2021

Do you wear glasses? Looking for a fashionable glasses frame? Discover the latest eyewear fashion 2021 – eyewear trends 2021 in a row. Glasses for him and her, according to the latest trend in 2021.

Glasses are trendy

Glasses have been quite trendy for a while and that also applies to 2021. You can see that in eyewear fashion. The trends include natural glasses frames, round glasses a la Harry Potter and geometric frames. The choice is huge and with glasses you will be trendy in 2021, hip with a touch of glamour.

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Oversized glasses frame:stylish and protective

This style is slightly influenced by Corona. Oversized glasses protect your eyes optimally and thus also prevent contact with the virus, according to some experts. There is a clear shift in eyewear fashion. For years they were small micro frames, now large frames that cover more than just the eyes are completely hot. The retro grandpa glasses are therefore completely back in fashion.

Round glasses a la Harry Potter

If you thought round glasses were only for wizards, you're wrong. In 2021, round glasses that were especially popular in the 80s and 90s will be completely hip again. Do you want your glasses to add a bit of elegance to your outfit and your appearance? Then choose a nude color.

Thin metal frame for a subtle elegant touch

Thin metal frames are and will remain a favorite. Choose gold or, for example, rose gold and add an elegant touch to your outfit in a subtle way. Combine the glasses especially with solid-colored clothing to make your glasses stand out as the eye-catcher.

Wooden glasses frame

If we have learned one thing in 2020, it is that nature is important to us as humans. We continue that in all kinds of areas. More and more people are opting for natural alternatives. It is therefore not surprising that wooden spectacle frames will also become really important from 2021. You can go in all directions with this and there is plenty of choice in the design and colors of the frame.

Transparent frame:stylish elegance for him and her

Don't want to put in too much effort to look elegant? Then you opt for transparent glasses in 2021. This trend was already in effect in 2020, but is now getting even bigger. You can go either way with this eyewear trend. Because in addition to being completely transparent, you can also opt for combinations with light pastel shades such as blue, pink, green, peach and grey. In addition, there are also various designers who combine their designs with other materials. This allows you, for example, to opt for a half metal, half transparent frame.

Geometric shapes

Small frames that were so trendy in 2020 have now been adapted to a more trendy look. Geometric glasses frames such as an octagon, hexagon, square and rectangular are the answer. These perfectly underline your facial features, especially if you have a round face. In addition, the glasses are suitable for both a business look and an I-work-from-home look. Even in combination with a party outfit, a geometric spectacle frame does not look out of place.

Glasses with blue filter

Due to all the working from home, one thing has become clear:we spend even more time behind a screen. This has a major impact on the health of our eyes. The blue light that radiates from our screens is bad for the eyes and can cause cataracts, macular degeneration and dry eyes, among other things. Time to do something about this! People are therefore increasingly opting for a blue light filter when choosing glasses. This trend will only increase further in 2021.

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Glasses designers that will be popular in 2021

In addition to countless designs, there are a few designers that you should keep an eye on every year. Are you looking for a trendy spectacle frame? Then don't forget to look at designers like Ray-Ban, Versace, Tom Ford and Bruno Chaussignand. Although the latter is not available in the Netherlands, you can still take a look at the collection for inspiration.

Which style or trend do you choose after reading the glasses fashion 2021 – glasses of 2021? A wooden frame or just transparent? Or do you prefer geometric shapes or a thin metal frame?