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Update your toiletry bag for spring

Update your toiletry bag for spring

The first rays of the sun make it start to itch. Time to give our beauty gear a spring update.

1. Adjust beauty products to your skin tone Do you have a healthy tan in the summer, while you are quite pale in the winter? Don't forget to replace certain products with a shade darker.

2. BB cream
BB-cream is slightly lighter and fluffier than a foundation, so it spreads better when the temperatures rise outside.

3. Against shiny skin
Do you easily suffer from a shiny forehead? Put a mattifying powder or a pack of blotting papers in your handbag. With blotting papers you can dab excess fat from your face, making you look fresher immediately.

4. Day cream with SPF
If you follow 'the beauty rules' you probably put an SPF on your face all year round. Unfortunately, day cream alone is not always enough when the spring sun shines. Therefore, add a nice facial sunscreen and sunscreen to your toiletry bag. When the mercury rises, don't just rub your face, but also other bare body parts, don't forget your neck and neck.

5. Everything for soft feet
A foot file or pumice stone, foot scrub and foot cream are indispensable to pep up your feet for the summer. Make sure your feet look well-groomed when it's finally sandal weather.

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6. New razor blades
Check if your razor blades are still sharp. It's so nice if you'll be taking care of your legs every day again.