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Remove nail polish from clothes

Remove nail polish from clothes

With these tips you can save your favorite blouse or rug after a nail polish accident.

Removing nail polish from clothes:test first

Nail polish remover is aggressive. Therefore, first try to remove the stain without nail polish remover. Are you going to get started with nail polish remover? Remember that using nail polish remover can discolor the fabric of your clothes. A nail polish remover without acetone is slightly less aggressive and therefore a better choice.

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Dry Cleaning

Is it a precious item of clothing? Take it to the dry cleaners to have the stain removed by a professional. If you do it yourself, first test in an inconspicuous area whether the nail polish remover discolours the fabric.

This is how you remove nail polish from clothing

  • Try to dab off any nail polish that is still wet immediately. Don't rub, just dab! Otherwise you run the risk of the stain getting bigger.
  • Is the nail polish already dry? Then try to scrape off as much as possible. Especially with fabrics such as fleece, you can limit the damage by scraping carefully.
  • Are you going to try it with nail polish remover? Apply acetone-free nail polish remover to a cotton ball and dab onto the nail polish stain. Make sure as little nail polish remover as possible gets next to the stain. You do this by properly tensioning the fabric of the garment.
  • Then immediately put the garment in the washing machine.