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This is how you make perfect eyebrows

This is how you make perfect eyebrows

Beautiful eyebrows, who wouldn't want that? With the right step-by-step plan you can get your eyebrows in shape in no time! This is how you do it…

1. Let them grow out

This one is for anyone who was too fanatical with epilation and then regretted it:get your eyebrows grow out. We all know how easy it can be to let ourselves go with tweezers, so now is the perfect time to grow your eyebrows out. A good eyebrow starts with enough hair to work with. Want to give nature a helping hand? Then massage some coconut oil into your eyebrows before going to sleep to help grow and strengthen your eyebrows.

2. Determine your eyebrow shape

Yes, this may sound easier said than done. But it's actually not that complicated at all to find the right eyebrow shape for your face. All you need is a pencil. Hold the pencil against your left nostril with the tip straight up towards your forehead. Now it gives pencil the line where your eyebrow should start. Then rotate the pencil diagonally while still holding it against your nostrils until you point the pencil along the outer corner of your eye. The pencil will now indicate where your eyebrow should end. To determine the angle of your eyebrow, hold the pencil next to your nostril at a 45-degree angle, with the pencil passing in front of your pupil. Now do the same on the right side and outline the shape of your eyebrows!

This is how you make perfect eyebrows

3. Be prepared

Okay, you've let your hair grow out and defined the shape of your eyebrows. Before touching up the hair, it is wise to make good preparations first. Avoid the mirrors with a magnifying effect to avoid getting too fanatical with epilation † It is also best to start epilating after a warm shower:the warm water makes the hairs softer, which makes it less painful to pluck the unnecessary hairs.

4. Use your tweezers

Are you ready for it? Then start by combing your eyebrows up and then to the side to get a good look at the shape. Epilate then all the loose hairs that do not fall within the mold one by one. Be especially careful not to remove too much. Stick to the hairs in the center of your eyebrow, below your brow bone and around your eyelid. Do you really want a clean cut? Then draw the shape of your eyebrows with a pencil and epilate exactly around it. Also remember:eyebrows are sisters, not twins. So don't try to strive for perfect symmetry, because then you will probably keep picking too long! And use a good tweezer set, such as these

5. Sign them at

Time to fill in the gaps with your eyebrows to sign up! Use a thin eyebrow pencil (like this ) to draw small hair-like stripes. This way you can make your eyebrows as full as you want, hair by hair. Do you feel that you have added too much? Then you can always use a brush to blend the pencil marks.

6. Use an eyebrow gel

We are almost there! For the final finishing touch, you can add a eyebrow gel to hold your masterpiece in place. Do you want to create fuller eyebrows? Then brush your eyebrow hairs up and use a gel with a color. We are fans of this .


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