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Bermuda shorts:how to wear these ultra-trendy long shorts according to Pinterest?

Bermudas are the new mini shorts

When we say bermuda shorts do you think of scouts? Yes, U.S. too. And that's normal . But the scout-style bermuda is no more. Today, bermuda is a chic piece , stylish and which brings to our silhouette a little more to which we do not say no. Indeed, its main strength is to lengthen any silhouette . Kendall Jenner's legs are yours with these knee-length shorts.Very masculine this piece, which readily lends itself to androgynous looks, is nonetheless a piece that can be resolutely feminine . The bermuda is not an easy piece to assume. We grant it to you. But that's not counting all the styles that we can bring to it.

Bermuda shorts:how to wear long shorts in 2021?

To wear this piece,you have to be creative. Finally it is simply a short longer than the others. Do you love sneakers? So pair your loose Bermuda shorts with a pair of sneakers that will impress . Do you have an important presentation at the office but it's 30 degrees? Opt for Bermuda shortsstyle with darts with the suit jacket that goes with it. Enhance it all with a nice pair of open heels. That's it. In short, you will have understood it, you can decline the styles to infinity with one and the same piece. Follow the guide for some inspiration!