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Beautiful and fit in 5 minutes every morning! #4

1- Gray complexion? Switch to sunscreen.

A little sad look on normal or dry skin, it bothers you during the day. In this case, avoid hiding (yourself) too much, keep it simple:mix sunscreen and foundation.

The trick:cleanse and hydrate your skin by massaging it well, to stimulate microcirculation. Then, on the back of the hand, mix UV protection (city size =ultra light) with a drop of foundation. Distribute the mixture evenly:it lays a veil of very "healty" shine on the skin. And, in addition, it protects against aging and stains.

2- Stressed? Breathe like a yogini
To refocus and concentrate, soothe your emotions, rebalance the nervous system and improve digestion, adopt one of the many breathing exercises of yoga.

Tip:Make yourself comfortable. If your body is not comfortable, you will not be able to relax your mind (this goes for all situations…). Lying on the floor with your arms (palms facing the ceiling) and legs wide apart (=allows hips and shoulders to open) for maximum relaxation. Keep the muscles of the perineum contracted throughout the exercise:inhale slowly and deeply through the abdomen (by opening the ribs) for four counts, hold two seconds, exhale for eight counts pushing all the air out of the lungs. Block again until the inhale returns naturally. Repeat 10 times or more, if you are comfortable. We progress very quickly so don't panic if, at the beginning, you can't do all the breaths.

3 – Tired mine? Chase the shadows
This is the best way to wake up a face and illuminate it. Use a real camouflage product (rather than a concealer, which is a little light), dry to the touch, with a strong covering power.

The trick:after applying the day cream and foundation, heat the product on the back of the hand and put it on with your finger or a brush if you want a more covering effect. Where ? On all shadow areas, around the nose, on the nasolabial fold down to the outer corners of the mouth. You can also use it as a concealer by diluting it with a hint of eye contour care (two colors of camouflage plus a piydre to fix in a packaging that you can take everywhere, Camouflage de Poche, Laura Mercier, €42 ).

4- No time to put on makeup? Open your eyes.
If you only have 10 seconds to put on your makeup, just focus on the upper part of your eyes.

The trick:apply navy blue pencil, flush with the upper lashes, at the root (not on the mucous membrane). It brings out the white of the eye and gives an immediate glow. Then apply black mascara only to the upper eyelashes (A long-lasting hold, Khôl &Contour Bleu Graphique, Bourjois, €7.50, a mascara that makes up and strengthens the eyelashes, Lash Accelerator, Rimmel, €13.90).