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5 lessons (to follow) for beautiful and smooth hair

Ladies, Ladies and Gentlemen (you never know), aren't you happy with your frizz and want to change your look? It's a good idea, if it's exceptional. Because straightening the hair damages it, it's expensive, it takes time, and then you're fine like that. Do you care? So here are 5 tips for having straight hair.

1. For special occasions:the hair straightener

The most effective and above all the most obvious. But beware, an iron - as its name suggests - heats up thoroughly (like an iron, well)! Repeated use MUST damage your mane. By dint of mistreating them, your hair will take on the appearance of a burnt haystack, you would be forced to cut and would take months and months to find your beautiful hair, crying all the tears in your body over your mistake (lived …). The straightener should THEREFORE be used OCCASIONALLY and WITH heat-smoothing sprays that PROTECT.

2. For radicals:Japanese straightening

Straightening the hair at the root, this smoothing, which requires three hours of care (gulps) lasts 4 to 6 months. Depending on the nature of your hair, your wallet will cry between 300 and 800 euros approximately. On the maintenance side, you will have to return to your hairdresser (well chosen to avoid disasters) every four months to keep this result. But beware:this is chemical clearing. If you have fragile hair, it's dead (or else your hair will be dead).

3. For the wealthy:Brazilian smoothing

Unlike Japanese smoothing, Brazilian smoothing is not permanent. In fact, you will have to spend around 150 to 400 euros every two to four months. The good news – because good news there is – is that this straightening does not damage the hair! On the contrary:it sublimates them by providing them with keratin which will nourish them intensely. So, happy? (or not)

4. For patients:brushing

To have a smooth and supple hairstyle at the same time, nothing better than these two weapons of hair war:the brush and the hair dryer. To do this, you must pre-dry your hair, separate it with tongs, start brushing with the locks from below, with a round brush, following the movements of the hair dryer, from roots to ends, spray a little hairspray on a comb and run it through your hair. Hood? Did you pick up? There you go:

5. For those who would have liked to live in the 1950s:scrolls

Yes well, if you have a guy at home, avoid it, or prepare him psychologically so that he doesn't have the impression of seeing the ghost of his great-grandmother arrive in the bathroom. So how do you look like a 1950s icon? Take hook-and-loop rollers, wrap a strand of pre-dried hair around it, and let it dry, simply by drinking some herbal tea or lying next to your frightened loved one. Need to get to your sewing or cupcake club fast? Save time by unsheathing the hair dryer. When it's dry, we remove everything, we style by pulling on it with a brush. There you go, it's beautiful, smooth, soupy, and for a moment, without hair damage.

So, are you tempted?