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Kiss A Ginger Day:15 red-haired celebrities with whom we would like to honor this day

A day dedicated to redheads to show them all our love

This event Kiss a ginger Day celebrated on January 12, was founded in 2009 by Derek Forgie on Facebook as a way to compensate and respond to the threatening and frankly not very clever Kick A Ginger Day, evoked by the cartoon South Park then taken up by clever little guys as an opportunity to attack the redhead community; smart.
The redheads do not really have to be ashamed of what makes their singularity especially since rarity makes value and when we know that only 1 to 2% of the world's population is a redhead, being a redhead is quite a gift. Especially since adopting the redhead is super trendy in 2021 to illuminate your hair; These detractors really had it all wrong!

These red-haired stars to admire without restraint

Even if we obviously love redheads all year round, an opportunity to rehearse them once a year does not hurt. And if the purpose of this day is to give a kiss to our favorite redhead , no question, in this difficult time to kiss a stranger, even a redhead, to celebrate this day.
So to nevertheless celebrate this day dedicated to orange hair , we suggest to console you to rinse your eyes in front of these redheaded celebrities .
The redheads of our youth Larusso and Axelle Red are unfortunately false redheads, but this fiery color seduced them so much that they were inspired by it for their stage name.

The series are such a hotbed of red-haired actors that we don't know where to turn:Sam Heughan in Outlander, Kevin McKidd alias Owen Hunt in Grey's Anatomy or Audrey Fleurot. We obviously do not forget the stars of our youth who have grown up today such as Geri Halliwell and Rupert Grint or our bad boy crush who has become Prince Harry.

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