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Be the prettiest on New Year's Eve

Shining brightly for New Year's Eve

December definitely rhymes with celebrations:Christmas, New Year's Eve, wake up with family or friends, all occasions are good to look good.

Here are our little tips and above all the ideal vanity case to be sublime on New Year's Eve ! To show off a radiant complexion, gently exfoliate the skin of your face every evening for several days, then apply a serum and a nourishing treatment. For silky skin, exfoliate your entire body and remember to moisturize it with a light oil that will firm and perfume. On the big night, nothing better than a natural and delicately glittery tinted cream to reflect the light on your face, a smoky look and a red mouth. On the hair side, we focus on shine and softness with a repairing mask the day before New Year's Eve and a gentle fixing lotion to structure the hairstyle on D-Day.

Ready to shine?



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