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Top 3 engaged beauty bloggers

Top 3 engaged beauty bloggers Beauty bloggers don't just provide makeup and hair advice via social media. Some of them are committed women, who have chosen to defend worthy causes. Focus on 3 beauty influencers with a big heart.

They talk about beauty but not only. Some influencers in the beauty world are above all committed women.

  • Gigi Loren Lazzarato / Gigi Gorgeous

It was on the YouTube channel, where she published her beauty tutorials, that Gigi Gorgeous (2.4 million subscribers), born Gregory Allan Lazzarato, announced in 2013 her transition to becoming a woman, which she documented in line.

She has since become a committed spokesperson for the transgender cause.

  • Reshma Qureshi / Beauty Tips by Reshma

At 17, this young Indian is disfigured by an acid attack. Two years later, she became the face of the "Make love not scars" campaign.

She appears in YouTube videos where she warns about "honor" killings and provides beauty advice (how to have perfect red lips or apply eyeliner).

  • Fatou N'diaye / Black Beauty Bag

Cultural appropriation, under-representation of black beauty:Fatou N'diaye has made her blog (launched in 2007) a 2.0 platform.

For the American magazine Vogue, the young woman, determined to highlight the diversity of beauty, is "proof that Parisian beauty is embodied by other archetypes than those of Brigitte Bardot or Charlotte Gainsbourg".

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