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The essentials of a make-up kit for a concert!

Tonight is crowd bathing, music and glitter. An environment not conducive to conscientious make-up touch-ups. Which doesn't stop you from wanting to shine, too! The solution ? A make-up bag to take with you everywhere, with a few essential products!

An outstanding preparation

In order to limit the importance of make-up touch-ups, it is preferable to opt for long-lasting make-up. First, exfoliate, tone, then hydrate your skin. This will make it easier to apply your long-lasting foundation too. To finalize and perfect your complexion, apply a veil of mineral powder.

To avoid looking like a panda after an hour of frenzied concert, choose waterproof products. Avoid eye shadow and greasy eyeliner. We opt for a line of waterproof eyeliner and mascara of the same type. The lighter your eye make-up, the more you will be protected from the vagaries of tears of emotion, and hair, or dust, which, wandering around in your eye, forces you to plunge your fingers into your eyes a thousand and one ways.

And your smile in all this? Treat your lips with a moisturizing, transparent or slightly tinted balm, ideal for light make-up. But if you want a rock'n'roll red mouth, prefer matte and dry textures, to glossy and sticky textures. You are now ready!

What to take with you?

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The beauty must-have for concerts and other festivals are the mattifying sheets of paper. A single sheet is enough to remove all excess sebum and shine effects from your face. For the rest, no need to take all your make-up gear with you. Among your products, your mineral powder, or compact, as well as your lip balm will be essential. Applying a veil of powder to your face during your make-up touch-up will be enough to restore pep and light to your complexion. As for the lip balm, it will be useful to moisturize your mouth, and readjust the color of your lips – matte lipsticks tend to dry out over the "long" duration, creating uneven color deposits on both sides . Finally, if the festivities continue at dawn or until the following day, take with you a few cotton pads and a greasy and waterproof make-up remover. Waterproof make-up being extremely tenacious, it is essential to properly remove make-up from your skin and let your pores breathe. The last essential step is of course to conscientiously apply your moisturizer.

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