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Prepare your body for physical and intellectual effort

March with the arrival of spring and the days getting longer, is the ideal month to start or relaunch your physical activity and thus take care of your health.

Ballot flurin has used all its expertise to compose a treatment honey based on chestnut honey and fresh polyfloral pollen energized by long stirring and prolonged maceration. The result is a honey rich in minerals, fructose and glucose, ideal for strengthening vitality and stimulating memory.

Ballot Flurin's honey from Cure with poly floral polen is present in the organic box belleaunaturel de Mars to find it click here.

Using advice :

Recommended in a 21-day cure, very simply take ½ teaspoon in the morning and evening before the meal and let it melt under the tongue.

The little extra cure, a makeover for the nails:

Bring to brittle and soft nails all the wealth of essential nutrients (calcium, magnesium, selenium, and rutin) of polyfloral cure honey. Soothes and stimulates the epidermis around the nail.

Using advice :

5-day cure:apply every evening with a cotton ball a thin layer of 3 mm on the nails. Insist on the edges. Leave to act for 1/4 hour. Rinse. For very damaged nails, put on gloves and leave on overnight. Repeat the cure if necessary.