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How to prepare your skin for the sun naturally?

The sun is coming, the terraces of bars and restaurants will soon reopen, we want to be outside and feel the sun warming our skin... Spring! We don't know about you, but it's one of our favorite seasons. We take out our light dresses and pants and put our coats and winter accessories in the closet… The dream! You also start to prepare your skin for the sun so as not to look like a crayfish with the first rays of summer.

Today, we give you our secrets to be ready to tan without burning!

How to prepare your skin for the sun naturally?

Why prepare my skin for the sun?

The skin is an organ like any other in the body and it is very fragile. The cold, stress, food and the products we use can weaken it and damage it irreversibly. The sun is also one of the external elements that can cause him harm. UV rays (A and B) are so powerful that they can cause lesions in the skin and go so far as to cause cancer. Of course, before you get there, you have to have spent a lot of time without sun protection!

The sun also acts on skin aging :by weakening the cells, it slows down their renewal. The skin then loses its tone and elasticity, which is how fine lines and wrinkles form prematurely.

To avoid this, you have to prepare your skin for tanning every year and above all wear a cream with a high SPF index for each exposure !

So many reasons to prepare your skin well for the sun between 1 and 3 months before regular exposure (Island vacation type!).

Are all types equal when facing the sun?

Well no ! Depending on your phototype (ranging from 0:albino people, rather rare, to 6:people with black skin) your skin will not have the same sensitivity at all. The phototype is based on different factors:

  • hair color
  • skin color
  • frequency of sunburn
  • tan type.

Three of these factors (skin color, hair color and tan type) are determined by melanin . It also determines the color of our hair and protects our skin by capturing UV rays and free radicals .

The lightest phototypes tend to resist the sun's rays badly and burn quickly. On the other hand, darker phototypes, people of the Mediterranean type, will tolerate the sun well and tan more easily.

How to prepare your skin for the sun naturally?

Prepare your skin for the sun through food

To avoid sunburn and enjoy a beautiful tan, you can start by making colorful plates! Colored Foods are often rich in vitamin A and E essential fatty acids, beta-carotene and antioxidants. Beyond preparing the skin for the sun, they will also strengthen the immune system , it’s a win-win!

All these nutrients will strengthen the skin from the inside and allow it to better defend itself against UVA and UVB rays.

Foods that prepare the skin for the sun

How to prepare your skin for the sun naturally?

Among the foods that promote a healthy glow and which prepare the skin we find:

  • carrots
  • melons
  • peppers
  • the pumpkin
  • kiwis and oranges
  • sweet potatoes
  • the tomatoes (coulis, puree and juice)
  • watermelon and pink grapefruit
  • raspberries, blueberries, blackberries, …
  • other dark leafy vegetables (cabbage, spinach, watercress, …)

These fruits and vegetables are fairly standard and can be found everywhere quite easily!

Enough to make you good plates, varied and balanced.

Apart from food, you can also eat ingredients rich in essential fatty acids . These essential fatty acids help the skin tostop UV penetration . They can be found in different vegetable oils:olive, rapeseed, hazelnut, wheat germ, etc.

They are also found in fatty fish such as sardines, herring, salmon or tuna. These foods are also great for calming skin inflammation caused by UV rays.

Be careful, several studies show that alcohol consumption is also a risk factor for sunburn. So during the pétanque game, we replace our glass of alcohol with a glass of water!

Prepare your skin for the sun with food supplements

Natural Food Supplements are our allies throughout the year! They allow us to supplement ourselves with nutrients, vitamins and other trace elements.

So how do you prepare your skin for the sun with food supplements? Quite simply by choosing cures made for! The solar calorifiers are natural supplements that can be started a few weeks before leaving on vacation. We can continue them during the duration of the holidays and a little after the return to keep a tanned complexion longer!

Sun supplements are rich in vitamins, fatty acids, beta-carotene and other ingredients useful for the skin. They are found in the form of capsules, gummies, powder or pipette. Think of them as a plate full of good skin-care foods!

They are thought to strengthen the skin and prevent sunburn . They make it easier to tan and keep your tan on top longer after returning from vacation.

Please note:they should always be taken alongside a rich and balanced diet!

Zoom in on Urucum from Guayapi to make tanning easier

The urucm is a marvel to take before going on vacation! Sun supplements in powder or capsules, it is a delight for all skin types. Very rich in bixin, a molecule similar to beta-carotene, it brings vitamin A to the skin and prepares it for sunbathing. melanin production is stimulated and the tan is done without flinching ! Bixin and the trace elements it contains help protect the skin against free radicals.

Once the holidays are over, continuing the treatment guarantees a tan that lasts a long time. We don't know about you, but we're adopting it!

Preparing the skin for the sun with cosmetics

Skin prepared for summer is also skin that has been taken care of through scrubs and good hydration . Hydration goes, of course, through the water we ingest, but it also goes through moisturizers. It is to be done all year round and especially during periods of high heat when you sweat a lot and you are in the sun. Hydrated skin is better tanned skin , which is smoother and softer. In summer, between the sun, the pool water, the sea and sunscreens, our skin is put to the test... And without hydration, you can say hello to crocodile skin!

Scrub to better hydrate

How to prepare your skin for the sun naturally?

Once or twice a week depending on the sensitivity of your skin, remember to exfoliate with care or gloves/brushes! Exfoliating and exfoliating your skin makes it more likely to receive good hydration. In addition, you get rid of dead cells and unify your skin texture . The exfoliation also helps to dislodge ingrown hairs and heal more quickly, to you the beautiful legs this summer!

Protect your skin with organic and natural sunscreens

You now have everything you need to prepare your skin for the sun, all you have to do is protect it! For this, use organic and natural sunscreens. Free of chemical sunscreens, alcohol and fragrances, sulfates, endocrine disruptors , they also protect the skin from the sun. A little extra:they respect our environment, especially the seas and oceans.

Share with us in the comments your natural tips to prepare for the sun!