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How to use an eyebrow pencil?

Makeup is an integral part of the beauty routine for women. While we tend to make up the eyes, the mouth and the complexion first, what about the eyebrows?

A beautiful line of eyebrows sublimates the face in no time. If you use an eyebrow pencil , you harmonize the features of the face with finesse in just a few seconds. The rendering is natural and the eyes are immediately highlighted.

How to use an eyebrow pencil ? How to choose your eyebrow pencil ? Mes Habits Chéris gives you all its beauty tips to enhance your look.

How to draw eyebrows with a pencil?

Take the following steps to learn how to do your eyebrows !

Tweezing your eyebrows

First of all and before you start doing your eyebrows with a pencil , it is advisable to have a beautiful line of eyebrows.

For this, you need to pluck your eyebrows to give them a nice shape and a worked structure that will highlight your look.

How to tweeze your eyebrows ?

  • Brows your eyebrows outward using an eyelash or eyebrow comb.
  • Look for protruding hairs.
  • Remove unwanted hair with tweezers.
  • Leave some length. Eyebrows that are too short are not very pretty.

If you are not used to it and if you want a result to die for, go to a beauty salon or a center specializing in the look like L’Atelier du sourcil.

For a shot of 25€-30€ you will have a restructuring of the eyebrows with hair removal.

Choosing an eyebrow pencil

To obtain a natural make-up, you must choose an eyebrow pencil adapted to your face.

If you have very thin eyebrows, opt for an angled brush or eyebrow mascara instead. Otherwise, an eyebrow pencil is recommended.

  • For blonde women, take a blonde eyebrow pencil.
  • For women with light to dark brown hair and brown hair, opt for a brown pencil.

khaki eyebrow pencils and gray are suitable for all hair colors!

Shape your eyebrow pencil

For a discreet and natural look, it is essential to sharpen your eyebrow pencil at the risk of making packets!

Put on eyebrow pencil

Pencil your eyebrows is not very complicated. It's a helping hand.

  • Always hold your eyebrow pencil vertically.
  • Start at the base of your eyebrows (tip towards the nose).
  • Apply your pencil vertically.
  • Follow the line of your eyebrows to the end.

Be careful, you don't need to press too hard, it's better to have a light hand for a natural result.

Set your eyebrows for longer hold

As with mascaras, there are specific products that allow you to set your eyebrow makeup .

You can use a fixative spray or gel provided for this purpose. In this way, your look will remain intact all day.

Microblading eyebrow pencil

You may have heard of microblading, the method to achieve flawless eyebrows, which is all the rage this year.

This is an eyebrow semi-pigmentation technique that is performed in an institute. Hair-by-hair make-up to redefine the eyebrow line and keep it flawless for several months.

For those who don't dare to get into microblading and who are tired of using an eyebrow pencil every day, there is the microblading eyebrow pencil . It is an eyebrow marker that consists of small fine teeth that fill in the sparse areas of the eyebrow.

Much cheaper and easier to use, so you can apply your microblading eyebrow pencil alone at home and get redesigned and restructured eyebrows like microblading!

In summary:

  • Tweeze and style your eyebrows.
  • Always choose a pencil color a little darker than your hair color.
  • If you have very thin eyebrows, use an angled brush instead.
  • Always sharpen your eyebrow pencil.
  • Line your eyebrows vertically.
  • Fix your pencil with a setting gel or spray for longer hold.