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The hairstyle of the day:cut and maintain a fringe

Cut your bangs is often a risky exercise. Nevertheless, on a daily basis, you can ‘maintain’ it . Do this every four months , cut your bangs at home by adopting the right gestures and without forgetting that you always cut your bangs on dry hair and not on wet hair.
To start, using a comb, release your bangs forward then smooth it with a hair iron. If you have straight bangs, cut it making sure to keep some length allowance if you want to do any touch-ups in the future. For a tapered effect, use a pair of thinning scissors . These allow you to thin out the bangs in no time. To give your bangs a boost of volume, apply styling mousse, then blow-dry. Finally, for fanatics of straight bangs, only one tool:the straightener.
Small tip: every morning, brush your bangs. Hey presto, it is immediately in place. Here you are "swaag" like Taylor!