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This is how you can cut your own hair with tips from the hairdresser

At a time when all hairdressers are closed because of Corona, you still want to keep walking neat and groomed. A visit to the hairdresser is currently not possible, but this way you can cut your own hair.

Barber closed, no budget to go to the hairdresser?

The hairdressers are currently closed due to the Coronavirus. However, it is also possible that you do not have the money to go to the hairdresser for a while. In that case, you can consider cutting your hair yourself. It's not difficult, provided you stick to a few rules.

This way you can cut your own hair with tips from the hairdresser

Below are some tips when and how to cut your hair. Are you in doubt? Then don't do it, because even with scissors you can ruin your haircut. In the worst case, you cut your hair.

Can you cut hair yourself?

In general, if you want a nice haircut, it is better to go to the hairdresser. If you love your hair, just wait until the hairdresser is open again or the moment you have enough budget. This certainly applies if you have or want a short, spicy haircut or if you want to have a different color in your hair.

But emergency breaks the law and in the extreme case you can also get started with your hair yourself. For example, if you need to trim your bangs or trim dead ends, you can do that yourself. The same goes for touching up the sides of your hair or short shaved men's hair. Cutting your hair yourself should be successful with the tips below.

Cutting hair yourself:the biggest mistakes

Have you considered cutting your hair yourself and already have the scissors ready? STOP! Do not do it! Using regular home-garden-kitchen scissors to cut your hair is a no go. Blunt scissors and scissors that are not exclusively made for cutting hair damage your hair enormously.

By using the wrong 'tools', the tips of your hair are not neatly cut, but rather bruised or torn off. The result:broken ends and dull ends that have to be amply cut off by the hairdresser afterwards.

Cut your own hair:what do you need?

The most important thing if you want to cut your hair yourself are the right tools. An absolute must is good hairdressing scissors, these are sharp and designed for cutting your hair. For short hair, you can use clippers.

Furthermore, to cut your hair yourself, you need a suitable comb to cut your hair properly. You also need a large mirror and a towel to put over your shoulders.

Tip if you have longer hair:cutting long hair yourself is difficult. Have someone else trim your hair if you have really long hair.

The last must-have if you want to cut your hair yourself at home is good light. If you are in a poorly lit room, cutting your own hair can turn out to be a minor disaster. And if there is no hairdresser nearby who can quickly repair the damage, then the fence is over.

Cut your own hair:dry or wet hair?

When you go to the hairdresser, in most cases your hair is first washed or at least moistened. Are you going to cut your hair yourself at home? Then do that with dry hair.

The reason for this? As a beginner it is easier to see how the hair should be cut as the hair falls naturally. Especially when it comes to trimming the bangs, you should definitely work with dry hair.

Wet and smooth, the hair is a lot longer, so there is a good chance that you will cut too much. This is especially true for long and curly hair. Here the difference in length between dry and wet hair is even greater. So don't you want to run the risk of cutting off more of your hair than you actually wanted? Then cut your hair when they are dry.

The best time to cut your hair is a few hours after washing your hair. Important:do not use styling products such as mousse or hairspray for DIY hair cutting.

Cut bangs yourself

If you have bangs, you need to trim them regularly to keep up with them. To save money or because the hairdresser is closed, you can cut the bangs yourself. Unfortunately, a lot can go wrong when cutting the bangs yourself. Countless videos on Youtube prove this, where girls try to cut bangs themselves with all the consequences that entails. If you follow the video below, little can go wrong.

When would you rather not cut the bangs yourself?

If you do not currently have bangs, it is advisable to forego that for the time being. The main reason is that as a layman you cannot see which bangs suit you best. In addition, each pony requires a certain cutting or cutting technique that cannot be learned one, two, three for a layman. So rather leave the cutting of the first fringe to a professional hairdresser.

Cut split ends yourself

Even though some commercials promise it, split ends are unfortunately not repairable. To remove these there is only one option and that is the scissors. Hairdressers recommend cutting the ends every three months to keep the hair beautiful and healthy. But what do you do in case the hairdresser is closed or you don't have a budget to go to the hairdresser?

The solution:do it yourself! Cut the hair yourself and remove the split ends. It is important to use special hairdressing scissors for this. Blunt scissors will only make the problem worse. It is therefore better not to use nail scissors for cutting, even if you often see this as a tip on the internet. Below you can see the best way to cut split ends:

Cut your own hair:a DIY bob

The bob is one of the most popular and trendy hairstyles for women. However, is it possible to make this hairstyle yourself as a kind of DIY project? My tip:don't do it! You will only regret it.

The bob looks sophisticatedly simple in terms of hairstyle and that is precisely the point. The fact that the haircut requires different hair lengths means that this is definitely not a haircut for a beginner. Do you only need to add points? Then you can of course do that, provided you do it carefully.

Cut your own short hair:an advanced haircut

As simple as it looks:short hairs show all cutting errors immediately. Short haircuts often have layers cut into the hair and if you do something wrong there, it immediately stands out. So if you want the perfect short haircut, leave it to the hairdresser.

If you can't or don't want to wait for that, then proceed very carefully and only make sure that you update the points. Trim or trim the sides with clippers. Or make sure you trim the mat that threatens to arise in the neck.

Cutting hair yourself on a man:trim carefully

Here too the following applies:only do it if there is really no other option. The tight contours of a men's haircut are best only touched up a bit. Always do this with a hair clipper where you can set the desired length. Only touch up the back at the neck and all around including the ears. A comb is a must for touching up around the ears.

I have been cutting hair myself for years

When we still lived in Suriname, I cut the hair of the whole family myself for years. Initially I used clippers for the men, but later I switched to regular hairdressing scissors. There has never been a comment about the haircut. Now I must admit that I have always used real hairdressing scissors, a cloak to hang over the shoulders and a good comb.

When my daughter got a little older, her hair also had to be cut (or at least trimmed). To be honest, she has very difficult hair, but she also managed to cut it well. I've always had long hair myself. But at some point I got tired of it. And then the scissors went in for me too. I cut my hair a lot shorter and in layers. I first watched a video about it and then applied it myself. Everyone thought I had been to the hairdresser, so it was successful. Now that the hairdresser is closed, my son will have to believe it again:I'm going to take care of his hair again (yes, just with scissors!).

We have been living in the Netherlands for several years now. Here I have already sent my son to the hairdresser a number of times or registered him as a model for apprentice hairdressers. This costs nothing at all, takes a little longer, but the result is almost always satisfactory. My daughter and I have already been to the hairdresser a few times (via mystery shopping, as an opening stunt and just as a paying customer), but sometimes I still cut my daughter's hair myself. My hair also needs to be colored and cut again, but I have this done by a hairdresser. I am currently working on the CG (curly girl) method and cutting curls is really a profession in its own right. And that also applies to coloring, since my hair is colored in a balayage model.

Have you ever cut your hair yourself?