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On beautiful feet through the summer

It sounds unbelievable when we look around us at the beginning of the summer, but according to research by a foot cosmetics brand, no less than 97.5% of Dutch people take care of their feet.

We do this not only as part of normal body care (70%), but also to prevent foot complaints (61%). We suffer most from excess calluses and dry skin.

Erogenous zone
Men are very satisfied with their partner's feet (49%) but that is not always the case the other way around:according to her, his feet could use a little more attention. Also, men are more likely to find their partner's feet sexy (23% vs. 6%) and arousal (10% vs. 5%) than women. And are you under thirty? Then you might belong to the 15% for whom the feet are an important erogenous zone.

Don't touch my feet!
More than 60% of the respondents think there is something ugly about their own feet, usually the calluses or toenails. Some people are also not allowed to touch their feet:more than a quarter indicate that they would rather not have anyone other than themselves sitting at their feet. Even professionals are allowed by less than half of the respondents.