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Andrélon Oil &Care

Andrélon Oil &Care

Moroccan argan oil is known for its nourishing and gentle effect. Ideal to care for and control dry and frizzy hair. The luxury oil is now available to everyone.

Argan oil is an expensive oil and therefore not everyone will buy it. Now Andrélon has released a very affordable line based on different oils, including argan oil. The line has been specially developed for anyone with dry or frizzy hair.

How it works
The products nourish and care for your hair intensively. It is very nice that the products do not leave your hair greasy. The result is soft, supple and airy hair.

The products
Oil &care consists of six products in total. The base consists of the shampoo and conditioner. These complement each other perfectly and they smell nice. If you want to spoil your hair every now and then, replace the conditioner with the 1-minute mask, or use the mask as an extra. The Kroescontrol cream provides extra nutrition for your hair, because you don't have to take it out. A very nice product for curly hair. For dry hair that gets tangled quickly, there is an anti-tangle spray. If your hair is really very dry, you can use the Serum-Oil as a supplement. Andrélon Oil &Care

1. Shampoo €3.29
2. Conditioner €3.39
3. One minute mask €3.99
4. Anti-click spray €3.39
5. Kroescontrol cream €3.39
6. Kroescontrol Serum-Oil €5.99

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