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How to take care of damaged hair?

How to take care of damaged hair?

Ah the hair… Who has ever been really satisfied with their hair? Too long, too dry, too frizzy, not blond enough and so on. We end up trying lots of things to find what we like without ever succeeding and the only thing we are sure to come out with is damaged hair. Fortunately at NUOO we select the best of organic and natural cosmetics. You don't know which hair care to turn to? No worries, we give you a recap of all the best!

Natural shampoo:maximum hydration!

Our selection of shampoos for damaged hair is full of natural nuggets. You will find your happiness for healthy hair whether you prefer liquid or solid shampoos. Moreover, solid shampoos for dry hair are just as effective as liquid shampoos! Shampoos are often formulated with excessively stripping surfactants that will leave your hair fiber completely bare. At NUOO, we mainly choose shampoos with healthy ingredients to obtain soft and hydrated hair, like Cut by Fred's moisturizing shampoo. We also pay great attention to the other components. If you want nourishing and moisturizing products, you choose vegetable oils or vegetable butters and not oils from petrochemicals, nothing is left to chance! For example, Centifolia's shampoo for dry hair is a concentrate of hydration:aloe vera, shea butter, apricot butter and sweet almond oil, with all that, you end brittle hair! As you can see, taking care of your hair also means paying attention to what you use to wash it. Choosing organic and natural shampoos will already help you provide them with real good hydration with nutritious ingredients and protect your scalp at the same time. Otherwise you can also try to space out your shampoos:at first you will surely not like it but we can guarantee you that in the long term it will be royal. A word of advice:the night you want to wash your hair, brush it! The sebum present at the root will descend on the lengths:natural hydration. Find out how to take care of your dry hair and moisturize it!

Organic hair care:a real plus

As we have just seen with shampoos, organic and natural cosmetics guarantee us healthy care that provides real hydration. It's exactly the same for hair conditioners! Again, whether solid or liquid, they will bring shine to your hair and will be restorative treatments thanks to their vegetable oils and butters. No more dry ends, you have princess hair! For example, grapeseed oil, present in Lavera conditioner is very rich in essential fatty acids, ideal for nourishing and repairing the hair. Taking care of your hair also means taking the time to leave it on . Even two minutes is already great. If you want to keep some care on your hair, shorten the rinse. Unlike shampoo, which must be well rinsed out, you can afford to rinse your treatment less to keep your hair hydrated.

What other solutions to bring dry hair back to life?

As little Gaby explains to us in her video on dry and damaged hair, there is not one way to take care of your hair but several!

Oil baths:a concentrate of hydration!

An oil bath it is an oil mixture that will stay on your hair for hours. You can choose different oils:argan, broccoli, coconut, jojoba, castor, … Be creative! The advantage with the pause time is that the vegetable oils will have time to penetrate the hair fiber and fill in the small gaps. To be done before the shampoo of course.

Hair masks:useful?

Just like oil baths, hair masks can stay on the hair for several minutes, and we love that! It stays on the hair longer than a conditioner but less than an oil bath:perfect for those in a hurry. Did you know that it is also possible to put on your hair mask before shampooing? We apply it, leave it on for a whole afternoon and wash our hair, not bad if you want to avoid spending hours in the shower!

Hydrate your hair between two shampoos….

….it’s not mission impossible! You can use serums , for example the Nourishing Serum from Unique. To put in the morning, or in the evening, on the lengths/ends, or even before using a heating appliance. Otherwise, if you are more creamy textures:hair milks will satisfy you.