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How to take care of your hair during the summer?

The effects of summer on our hair

The summer season is so pleasant:beach, walks, tanning... Everything is there to make us happy and allow us a nice summer escape far from the daily grind. August heralds sunnier days and more hot . This eighth month of the year reminds us that the start of the school year is only a few weeks away. This thought encourages us to enjoy these moments of rest in the sun even more.

These long exposures are good for morale, not necessarily for our hair . Too busy, we forget to take care of it . This negligence can turn into disaster for all hair mass. Indeed, external attacks of the current seasonal conditions make the hair fiber sensitive . Dry, irritated hair will need a lot of care to recover. To avoid reaching this stage, we can protect our hair mass from all these attacks.

Adapted care

To properly maintain our hair during the summer, we must adopt an adapted care routine . We owe our hair products that meet the needs of the hair fiber during the season . All this hair routine can accompany us throughout the summer.

#1 The Shampoo

Essential , shampoo is the first step in any hair routine . This ritual cleans and purifies the hair fiber , it allows the hair toprepare to receive other products . To proceed, we recommend Biophytum's organic fortifying and repairing shampoo. This mild shampoo with a light texture can be used frequently, ideal for those who often take a dip. Enriched with organic aloe vera and vegetable glycerin, it nourishes, hydrates and strengthens even the most damaged hair. Its composition also includes horsetail extract , a active sebum regulator . This sscalp-friendly shampoo suitable for all hair types. A hazelnut per application allows you to benefit from all its virtues. Its 250ml format will keep us going for the rest of the summer.

#2 The mask

After a shampoo session, our hair needs more soothing and softening care . For this purpose, the mask conditioner is best able to meet this need. Biophytum offers us its organic repairing and detangling hair mask. The shea butter compose this treatment for animmediate cocooning effect . Nourishing and regenerating, the hair appreciates this active ingredient with many virtues. The composition of the treatment also includes peppermint essential oil. This essence strengthens the hair while purifying the scalp . This refreshing effect perfectly matches our needs for the season. In addition, the cocooning side of this treatment announces our next desires for the coming season.

#3 Nutri protective serum

Summer and its rays are very pleasant. However, the overexposure can be harmful for our hair. Chlorine, salt and sand complete this mixture, let's say it, mind-blowing! To protect our hair from all these daily aggressions , we can use protective care . For this purpose, we recommend the capillary protective nutri-serum of the brand Elenature. Avocado Oil and macadamia organic make up this elixir. Restructuring , protective and sublimator , this treatment is as virtuous as it beautifies our hair. With this product, our hair will fear neither UV rays nor the heat of brushing.

#4 Organic coconut oil

Another must-have of the season :organic coconut oil! The Herbes et Traditions brand provides its cold-extracted organic coconut oil. Soothing , nourishing and restorative , coconut oil has many cosmetic virtues . So much for our skin only for our hair , it takes care of your beauty all year round. Current temperatures make it possible to benefit from an oil with a liquid consistency. As soon as 25°C is crossed, the oil becomes easier to use. Remember that even in its solid form, it retains the same virtues and cosmetic properties . To use it, just heat it in the palm of your palm and you're done.

The first essential treatment is already present in your August box with 4 other ideal treatments for the summer. If you wish to benefit from the other treatments presented, you have the choice of composing a personalized box;)