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How to protect your hair in summer?

The sun, salt water, sand, chlorine are formidable and radical enemies for our hair and make summer a hard time for them especially because of the ultraviolet rays which damage the keratin and sensitize hair that becomes more brittle, dull and coarse as straw.

The hair that suffers the most is colored hair which, already damaged enough by dyes and chemical processes, is less able to resist and withstand the rays of the sun.

Here are some tips to properly maintain your mane and take care of it during the colorful summer or not.

Protect your hair in summer

Protect your hair

Before going to the sea or to the swimming pool, I apply vegetable oil to my lengths and ends. They will come to protect the hair and form a protective barrier against UV rays, the aggressiveness of chlorine and the drying out of salt without giving a greasy effect.
Centifolia's Golden Nectar Sublimating Dry Oil contains organic Camellia, Baobab, Jojoba and Argan oils and white lily flower oily macerate.

Protective hairstyle

In summer, we enjoy diving head first into the water. We would be wrong to deprive ourselves. But after each swim in the sea or in the pool, I notice that my hair is super dry... I therefore advise you to tie your hair in a bun, braid or wear a wide hat to protect your hair as much as possible. On the one hand you will be less hot and you will take care of your hair.

Gentle shampoo

Even if it is more difficult to space these shampoos in the summer, the use of a mild shampoo is to be preferred. In addition, the solid format is ideal on vacation. The combination of coconut milk and Tucuma butter makes Savon Stories shampoo ideal for this period. It washes gently and makes the hair softer.

Oil bath

I recommend them often... There is no better. Once a week or once a fortnight, I leave on a mixture of avocado or coconut oil or Centifolia's Enhancing Dry Oil will do if you don't have everything you need.

I leave it on for about an hour before shampooing or overnight if time permits. It is ideal for deeply repairing the hair fiber and leaving the hair soft and shiny!

You can easily adapt this routine to your hair type and exposure to the sun, sea and pool by opting for just a few steps as needed.

And you, what are your tips for preserving your hair naturally in summer?

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