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Keep your summer hair beautiful

Keep your summer hair beautiful

Could your hair use some extra care this summer, or do you already want a beach look? Keep your hair in top condition with these tips. With a tip for extra care for curly hair.

Your hair has to endure a lot in the summer. Extra care for your hair is then no superfluous luxury. With this oil you can protect your damaged hair and with a sea salt spray you create the beach look without having to go to sea for it. But also for a nice mousse or gel sometimes works wonders in the summer. Summer is also the best time to get the occasional hair mask to use. Or opt for a 'leave-in mask'. Like this † Extra care for your hair may not be the first thing you think of when you finally lie (walk) in the sun, but at the end of summer you will be happy that you have taken extra care of your hair.

Hair Facts
• Every day we spend on average less than 15 minutes on our hair.
• For best results, keep hair spray about 30 cm from your head
and spray you in a steady stream back and forth.
• Hair styling products last a very long time. Extreme heat or cold only
has influence.

Keep your summer hair beautiful Keep your summer hair beautiful


If you really want to protect your hair against sun, sea, chlorine and wind, you should often wear a hat. And preferably one that blocks UV rays. It protects your hair from drying out and discoloration. And it also helps you keep your face out of the sun a bit. You will enjoy it later in life :)

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