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I take care of my feet

The sunny days have arrived, the weather is nice, it's hot and the time has come to get out sandals and open shoes. To be sure to display pretty toes, it is useful before pampering them a little. Locked up all winter in socks and shoes, often forgotten or even neglected, our feet do indeed need to be taken care of!

But how do you take care of it?

1) In the shower, don't forget to wash your feet, it's important.

We prefer a mild soap and we do not use too hot water. To get rid of dead skin, calluses and calluses, a very gentle exfoliation can be done once or twice a week. If the skin is very rough, it is a good idea to use a suitable treatment such as celandine lotion from Marlay Cosmetics.

2) We're taking a bath... of our feet!

We relax and, at the same time, we relax our feet. No more than 10 minutes, however, because it weakens the skin too much. We finish by brushing our feet with a very soft brush. We dry them well (especially between the toes!) and we take the opportunity to massage them. Eh yes ! Even if we don't go so far as to try to practice reflexology, we take our feet in hand!

3) We hydrate our feet. Because just like our hands, they too need care!

Thus, we apply a good moisturizer every day, such as the comforting care for the feet of La Fare en Provence.
As for the rest of the body, you can also use a balm or an oil, such as Ylae monoi coconut oil. Nevertheless, we “forget” the area between the toes, to prevent it from macerating.

4) We let our feet breathe, we take off our socks! Especially at night.

If we wear them, we prefer cotton and, of course, we change socks every day. And as soon as possible, we free our feet from their shoes.
You can however keep your socks on when you put on a thick layer of cream, this will allow better "penetration".

5) We prefer rather short nails. Because under the long nails can slip impurities.

A nice nail polish can be applied.
Besides, this intense red from Miss W would go thunder on our toes!

6) Taking care of your feet is not just for the purpose of having pretty feet.

It is also to avoid infections, certain pains, and ultimately, certain problems such as trauma, ingrown nails, deformities.
Regularly, we inspect his feet:do they have corns, calluses, mycosis, ingrown nails, warts? If in doubt, do not hesitate to consult a podiatrist, especially if you have diabetes or vascular problems.

There you go, all you have to do is wiggle your toes in the sand!