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3 tips to take good care of our feet

Summer is approaching, sunny days invite us to enjoy the sun and the balconies. No more jackets and welcome light clothes, sunglasses, hats and tanned complexion. This new summer fashion is conducive to the return of the typical sandals, flip flops and other open shoes. This return of sunny weather invites our little feet and toes to enjoy the fresh air and sunburn. However, before putting on our magnificent Spartans, it is essential to prepare our feet for the ride . To do this, we present our 3 fundamentals to take good care of our feet to the tips of the nails.

#1 An impeccable toilet

An imperative for having perfect feet:impeccable grooming . This is the first step in taking good care of your feet. During the shower or simply when we have time, we can take advantage of it to have a good foot bath . Immersing your feet in a basin of hot water is a good way to clean them but also to relax . We can add to this water, a few drops of essential oil or salt. This bath is all the more relaxing as it cleans and purifies the feet. To remove the dead skin on the surface of the foot during this bath, we can gently brush them orrub them with a pumice stone .

After this relaxing bath, and even after each soaking session, it is essential to dry your feet thoroughly with a towel . This step is important toavoid any maceration , conducive to the appearance of mycoses, fungi, bad odors… Again as part of a good typical toilet, you must cut and file your nails well. This is as necessary for health as for aesthetics. Proper maintenance of your nails prevents the formation of thickened, ingrown, broken or yellowed nails. These gestures are to be included in our daily life for beautiful and healthy feet.

#2 Care and hydration

For flawless feet this summer, don't skimp on care and maintenance . Our goal:to have clear, soft and even skin on all of our toes. To do this, it is necessary to treat all that is corns, calluses, dead skin… These unsightly elements appear on the feet due to friction and neglect. However, after a few weeks of a good foot care ritual , they will be able to find a perfect shape for the summer .

The scrub ritual is the best way to purify the skin of all accumulated impurities. The feet can benefit from the benefits of this treatment. A coarse-grain mechanical scrub would rid the feet of all traces of dead skin such as calluses. This kind of mask can be easily made at home, all you need is a base (honey, vegetable oil, etc.) as well as grains (sugar, salt, coffee grounds, etc.). After a pause and circular rubbing all over the foot, all that remains is to rinse them off with lukewarm water. These mixtures purify the feet and leave them clean and soft to the touch. However, this ritual should be repeated every week for a better result for the whole summer .

Certain tools can also be used to get rid of dead skin accumulated on the surface of the foot . Among other things, we have available devices such as electric graters or natural alternatives such as pumice stone . However, we recommend using them wisely at the risk of damaging the skin too much.


After having rid the feet of all these discomforts, it is necessary to give them a moment of softness. We recommend nourishing and moisturizing organic treatments to soothe and soften the skin. Oolution's Feet Good comforting foot cream is perfect for this purpose. This gentle treatment is specially composed with more than 60 active ingredients to provide our feet with appropriate care. This product rich in active ingredients repairs, nourishes and hydrates the weakened skin of our toes.

Little trick to make the skincare products penetrate well into our feet. After applying the product with a little massage, we canwrap them in socks for fifteen or twenty minutes. This will allow the epidermis to better assimilate the product. However, it should not be abused too much at the risk of macerating the foot.

#3 Foot reflexology

For a good moment of relaxation, both for the feet and for the whole body, we recommend the foot reflexology sessions . This massage method comes from traditional Chinese medicine but also has Egyptian origins.

Foot reflexology is based on thepresence of pressure points in the arch of the foot . These points have the particularity of being connected and therefore of having a certain influence on other parts of the body . Thus, the fact of exerting a certain pressure on these points during a massage influences the corresponding area of ​​​​the body. This technique allows you to relax while treating certain ailments. Reduce stress, restore metabolism, improve breathing… It brings many benefits. Boards and correspondence diagrams are available for this purpose for those who would like to try foot reflexology.

Finally, when our feet are clean, nourished and hydrated, we can proceed with a small improvement . To do this, we recommend a pedicure session . To start, we can lightly massage our feet with the organic repairing cream “Succulent Feet” from La Fare en Provence 1789. Composed of aloe vera and essential oils of niaouli and organic rosemary, this treatment nourishes, repairs and softens the skin of our feet. For perfect nails, we recommend nail beauty treatment by Marlay Cosmetics. This celandine lotion is easy to use for a manicure-pedicure of this name. A capful of the product in a bowl of water, a few minutes of soaking and unsightly excess are just bad memories. Finally, we can add some colors to brighten up our sandals. Light beige or Pure white, the Pure by Valérie brand offers wonderful natural nail polishes. The Boho Green Make up brand also offers an intense red or a whole trio of shades for an impeccable manicure-pedicure.