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Which eyeliner is right for me?

There are different types of eyeliner. With which type do you draw the line you want?

1. Eye pencil
Do you not have such a steady hand, or have you never put a line around your eyes? Then it is best to opt for an eye pencil, which is the easiest to apply. Eye pencil is also very suitable for making smokey eyes. You can easily adjust the sharpness of the line by sharpening the tip or making it a bit more blunt.

2. Liquid eyeliner
With this you can draw a very tight line, but unfortunately it takes some practice. Once you get the hang of it, apply it in seconds. There are variants with a brush or a pen. For an extra thin line, it is best to go for a pen.

3. Eyeliner in a jar
To apply this eyeliner, you need a separate brush. Handy if you regularly want to vary the thickness of the line, just grab a different brush.

4. Creamy eye pencil
This variant of eye pencil usually comes in a plastic case. You can turn the tip upwards by means of a rotating mechanism. The structure is usually creamy, which creates a festive effect. You cannot sharpen this pencil, which often makes the line a bit thicker.