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Swimwear days:is the Netherlands becoming more prudish?

Swimwear days:is the Netherlands becoming more prudish?

Naked in the sauna, or would you rather wear swimwear? Swimwear days are increasingly popular, while the sauna was originally intended to be used naked.

Some wellness resorts have been organizing swimwear days for years. At Sanadome, swimwear is always mandatory. De Zwaluwhoeve was originally a completely textile-free sauna company. A few years ago, the Zwaluwhoeve started with 2 swimwear days a month.

The idea
There was a lot of criticism on the first swimwear days. Whether it would catch on was also the question, which is why the first swimwear days were organized on Tuesday, the least busy day. If it didn't catch on, the 'damage' would be limited.

Success for swimwear days
The opposite was true:swimwear days were a huge success. It has been swimwear day every Tuesday at the Zwaluwhoeve for some time now. From November 2, you can even go to the beach in swimwear every Sunday. Many other wellness resorts have also introduced swimwear days, such as Elysium or the Veluwse Bron.

Why are swimwear days so popular?
More and more people are discovering how relaxing a sauna visit is. This also includes people who do not want to be naked out of (religious) conviction. For them, swimwear days are a godsend. Just like for people who don't feel comfortable being naked.

The Dutch Sauna Association has always said that swimwear days would be unhygienic, but it has never been shown that using the sauna with swimwear is actually less hygienic.

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Would you rather go to the sauna on normal days or on swimwear days?