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How to choose the right beauty products?

Among all the beauty products on the market, there is bound to be one for you! To find it, the whole thing is to start from your needs and your skin type… without forgetting to listen to your desires. Veld's explains how to choose the right face care products in 7 steps.

1/ To find your beauty products, take stock of your needs

Of course, it all starts there! If you are looking for beauty products , it is primarily to meet a one-time or recurring need . To avoid scattering yourself towards unsuitable care, take the time to set the framework for your research.

What do you expect from your future face products?

  • Keeping your skin healthy :this is the primary role of cosmetic care products! They are primarily there to cleanse, protect and improve the appearance of your skin.
  • Correct your skin defects :certain face care products will allow you to blur or prevent your imperfections and irregularities. But to "correct" them visually, you have to turn to makeup.

2/ Define the desired care products

Now that you know what you want, it remains to determine which face products will meet your expectations. The cosmetics market offers lots of various formulations all of which have a role to play in your daily beauty routine.

  • The cleanser or make-up remover :to purify your skin and prevent the formation of imperfections.
  • The tonic lotion :to tighten pores and refresh the complexion.
  • The serum :to target a particular skin problem (dull complexion, imperfections, wrinkles, etc.).
  • The cream :to maintain comfortable, youthful-looking skin in all seasons.
  • The face scrub products :to display a soft and radiant skin.
  • The mask :to provide a targeted boost to your skin.
  • The makeup :to sublimate your face and instantly hide a flaw.

3/ Understand your skin type and its tendencies

The product:it's good, you're set! Now, be aware that you will not benefit from turning to the same textures or the same assets as your neighbor. You should think about your skin type and your skin tendencies.

  • The 4 major skin types:oily skin , combination skin , normal skin , dry skin .
    Don't know yours? See our article What is my skin type.
  • Skin trends:dehydration (lack of water and tightness), sensitivity (hyperreactivity to external factors), maturity (sagging skin, lack of lipids).

4/ (Always) take into account your particularities

Not all skins are alike. Perhaps you find yourself in a situation that could restrict your choice of beauty products . Fortunately, whether it's choosing your day cream or choosing your cleanser, it won't stop you from finding your Holy Grail.

  • You have allergies :if you know the substances to which you are allergic, remember to look for them (with their derivatives) on the INCI list. The latter is required to reference most known allergens (such as essential oil compounds).
  • You are pregnant :be careful, some ingredients are not recommended because they can reach the placenta. Ask your doctor or gynecologist what you can (or cannot) use.

5/ Determine the ideal texture of your beauty products

The texture of skincare products does not just have a sensory role. It also informs you about their cosmetic qualities and their affinity with your skin type . As a general rule, the creamier a texture, the more occlusive and potentially comedogenic it will be. Here are some guidelines to help you choose the texture of your common cosmetics.

  • Cream :the less your skin produces sebum, the more you can allow yourself thick creams, with a high content of butters and occlusive agents. For combination to oily skin, we'll go crescendo from moisturizing gel to light fluid.
  • Cleanser :micellar waters and gels, rich in surfactants, are not suitable for all skin types, especially in the case of dehydration. Conversely, cleansing oils have a reputation for being universal. The balms are to be reserved for mature skin or for cocooning evenings.
  • Makeup :the anhydrous forms (powder) are both covering and breathable, but can migrate into the folds of the skin. Cream, mousse or liquid products generally offer a natural and comfortable finish.

6/ Study the quality of the formula

Marketing in the cosmetics sector is sometimes ambiguous. So, beware of the placebo effect ! And to make your choice in your soul and conscience, the best thing is still to decipher the formula of your nominees. Please note:a short formula does not mean that your treatment will be without effect. Conversely, multiplying active ingredients is not necessarily relevant from a cosmetological point of view .
At Veld’s , we carefully select rare and natural active ingredients, guardians of the beauty secrets of distant peoples. We combine these treasures with advanced technology ingredients , to offer you beauty products that are both effective and pleasant to use. This cosmetic know-how allows us to obtain visible results quickly.

7/ Look for the added value of your face products

You are almost at the end of your selection process! All you have to do is find THE detail that will make all the difference , this more avant-garde that will radiate throughout your routine. For example, how about a 2-in-1 product ? or face products with integrated accessory ? All these little bathroom revolutions will satisfy busy and demanding women.

  • Eye Magic:this anti-wrinkle eye contour cream comes in the form of a massage brush. It distributes the right amount of product while draining the underside of the eye. This innovation earned him the Victoire de la Beauté 2019-2020!
  • The Pure Pulp Neo:a true all-in-one, this multi-purpose gel moisturizes the upper layers of the epidermis while providing immediate beauty thanks to its lifting effect. It can be used on its own or mixed with foundation to rejuvenate the appearance of the skin.