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Our tips for staying healthy!

The season forces us to take care of ourselves and strengthen our immune defenses against all the bacteria that proliferate at this time of year. The 100% ORGANIC box Natural Beauty de Novembre is committed to offering effective and essential products to deal with seasonal illnesses.

For this, we use a gourmet product from the box which is the Organic Maritime Lavender Honey. It is a product little known to the general public because it is only harvested in the Pyrénées Orientales for a fairly short period (end of May - beginning of June). This honey has the particularity of being slightly woody, very aromatic, with a very sweet taste.

What are the benefits of organic lavender honey?

- It is an excellent anti-inflammatory for the respiratory tract and helps to calm coughs.

- It offers anti-rheumatic and antispasmodic properties.

- It helps to treat diseases such as bronchitis, flu, angina, headaches.

- It promotes sleep and acts on hypertension.

- It is a general antiseptic in external application (burns, insect bites or small infected wounds)

Organic maritime lavender honey, in addition to its gourmet flavors, is therefore an essential product this season, since it acts as a protective shield inside our bodies.

In order to protect ourselves from bacteria and viruses circulating in the air, it is also preferable to regularly sanitize the air around us, especially at home. To do this, simply use the Organic Purifying Spray with the scents of Provence, featured in this month's Box BelleauNaturel, also made with lavender:this gets rid of bacteria, fungi and viruses at the same time, while leaving a pleasant scent throughout the house.

Acting upstream to avoid getting sick is the best advice we could give you for this winter, benefiting from a healthy environment while strengthening your immune system, reduces the risk of bacterial or viral infection, which is proves to be more effective in maintaining iron health.

Madeline - Leblogdunetesteuse