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Goal perfect skin:our tips for skin on top!

“But where does this button come from? And are these wrinkles new? And yes, we too have already experienced these little disappointments early in the morning, observing our face in the mirror. If we all dream of starting the day with perfect, smooth and luminous skin, reality often catches up with us. However, having beautiful skin is not impossible:with some effort, it is quite possible to display perfect skin. Veld's gives you its tips.

A perfect skin is above all a peach complexion

That our skin shows signs of fatigue, displays some expression lines or a few acne pimples, she can always go up the slope if we take care of her complexion. A dull and tired complexion will highlight all the imperfections, while an unified and luminous complexion will erase them.

So presto, an express scrub to boost blood circulation, good hydration, then apply your BB cream, CC cream, or your foundation to unify everything. Finalize with concealer or concealer to hide dark circles and small pimples, a touch of blush to make the cheeks dapper, and you're done. With this pretty peach complexion , we promise, no one will notice that little red pimple or those wrinkles at the corner of the eye.

Smooth skin texture for beautiful skin

It is difficult to have a fresh and smooth complexion when the pores of the skin are dilated and clogged. These small holes that dot our skin allow it to evacuate perspiration and excess sebum. Only here, when they expand, it tends to blur the complexion, to make it less homogeneous. In addition, clogged pores are a guarantee of even blackheads and comedones arrive at full gallop.

The cure ? Daily cleaning , supplemented by one to two exfoliations per week, depending on the fragility of your skin. Smooth skin effect guaranteed!

Prevent the signs of aging

Your conception of the perfect skin has no wrinkles or pigment spots? So take the lead to prevent the signs of aging . To do this, moisturize your skin every day with a cream enriched with anti-aging active ingredients, like our Pure Pulp Neo. If the weather is fine, systematically apply a cream with SPF 20 to 30 to prevent premature aging linked to the sun.

Finally, if you already have wrinkles, the game is not lost:think of yoga and facial gymnastics, great for finding firm and toned skin .

Have perfect skin without imperfections

When we talk about perfect skin, we often think of skin without imperfections. Skin prone to acne or blackheads is rarely very aesthetic. So how to have perfect skin without imperfections ? We arm ourselves against these undesirables!

Opt for a cleanser and/or a mask with purifying active ingredients to absorb excess sebum, responsible for the formation of pimples and blackheads. Then, do one or two scrubs a week, depending on the fragility of your skin. Having clear skin, free of excess sebum, is essential to have perfect skin. On a daily basis, use an anti-blemish treatment and do not hesitate to use a local treatment to treat blackheads. Finally, pay attention to your diet , it plays a key role in having beautiful skin! We tell you more about the role of diet later in this article.

Enhance the most visible areas

When we communicate with someone, most people look at our eyes, possibly the mouth when it comes to loved ones. To leave the impression of perfect skin, it is therefore necessary to pay particular attention to these strategic areas ! To do this, use an eye contour treatment such as our Eye Magic daily. It will help erase small imperfections:signs of fatigue, expression lines, lack of firmness.

For the mouth, hydrate every day the contour as well as the lips themselves using a nourishing stick. Then, all you have to do is highlight your eyes and lips with trendy makeup, and what will be remembered about you will be your smoldering gaze or your beautifully drawn mouth!

Take care of your diet for perfect skin

The foods we eat play a major role in the beauty of our skin. For example, if you eat too many sugary foods or too many fatty foods , you can be sure that it will show on your skin:comedones, blackheads and redness are yours. At the same time, if you lack vitamins, minerals or trace elements, the deficiencies can make the complexion dull and weaken the hydrolipidic film .

To have perfect skin, take care of your diet:we like green tea for its antioxidants, fruits and vegetables for their vitamins, oilseeds for their iron and fiber intake, as well as fish for their richness in omega 3. If necessary, get help from a nutritionist to develop the perfect skin special diet !