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Tips for a peach skin

Eating fruits and vegetables within a few weeks can improve the color of your skin. According to research by the University of St Andrews.

For the study, 35 students with light skin surveyed about their fruit and vegetable intake . for six weeks , and their skin complexion was analyzed a number of times. They were not allowed to use self-tanner and make-up or go under the tanning bed.

Red and yellow pigments
What turned out? The changes in fruit and vegetable consumption of the students were found to affect their complexion. Eating more fruits and vegetables may deepen the natural red or yellow skin tone † The red and yellow pigments in the food, carotenoids , are likely the cause, the researchers concluded.

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How big the difference in skin tone actually is with a normal, healthy diet is not (yet) clear. In addition, the researchers admit that the effect may be different in older people and that more research is therefore needed. Still fanatical about the '2 ounces of vegetables and 2 pieces of fruit'