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11 reasons to choose a natural varnish

Benefit only from the advantages of varnish, without the disadvantages … It is now possible! Like any other cosmetic product, nail polish does not escape the organic and natural concept. The goal is not just to follow the trend but rather to enjoy the benefits that these products can bring. In rule and tradition, nail polish is certainly one of the most chemical products. For some time, organic brands have tried to find solutions that have given rise to innovative products. But why choose them? Here are 11 reasons that will encourage you to choose a natural nail polish.

#1 An organic product!

Natural varnish is a product that falls within the organic concept. It is therefore manufactured using a process that is subject to strict standards . Its ingredients must respect a percentage of content in very specific natural products. It must not contain any product that is harmful to health or the environment. The product must also meet specific regulations with regard to its packaging.

To guarantee such commitments, organic labels are there to guide you. To find out more about these organizations, we invite you to consult our Presentation of organic labels.

#2 Healthy formulas

Traditional manicure products, especially varnishes, contain particles that are harmful to health. Substances that often cause dermatological and respiratory problems. The elements used for the manufacture of nail polish are, in fact, the same as those used in the automotive industry.

Fortunately, the wave of green products has also affected nail polishes . Since then, terms such as "3-free or “4-free become frequent on the bottles. These mentions indicate that the formulas are:without toluene, without camphor, without dibutylphthalate or DBP and without formaldehyde resin. These are allergenic chemicals and endocrine disruptors that disrupt the hormonal system.

#3 A natural composition

For a varnish to be called natural, it must contain natural constituents . Usually it is made of nitrocellulose apple obtained from corn and potato, wood pulp, cotton and natural mineral pigments. All these elements pose no risk to health and nails. So they can be used by everyone. Even people with specific allergies, when using chemicals.

#4 A more satin effect on the nails

Of course, the purpose of using varnishes is to tint the nails. With traditional varnishes, the result is often denaturing. And when the varnish is removed with solvent, a yellowish or brownish stain may appear and persist. By using organic varnish, you get a more natural effect.

In addition, they do not deteriorate the structure and quality of the nails. On the contrary, the products present in an organic varnish reinforce them and make them more compact. As a result, when the nails are cleansed, they regain their original appearance. And as a bonus, a satin effect is deposited, since the elements constituting the varnish are non-aggressive.

#5 Homogeneous products

The components used for natural varnishes are perfectly homogeneous. They dry quickly and stay even. Users therefore do not risk having a manicure with a chipped finish. The result is perfectly smooth and without air or water bubbles . Talc and camphor resin which are generally present in natural varnishes provide a plasticized appearance. The resin also allows the product to be spread in a thin and orderly layer.

#6 Solutions that last longer

Less sensitive to oxidation, natural varnish has the advantage of drying more slowly than chemical varnishes. While this may be considered a disadvantage for some, it is an advantage for others. Indeed, the bottles keep longer. This is an undeniable asset for the financial side. It is therefore possible to save money when it comes to purchasing.

#7 A wide variety of colors

The colors available in natural varnish are more and more numerous . It is possible to find all the desired colors on the market. It is also possible to mix the colors to obtain new ones according to your desires. There are even interesting color variations. For example, you can buy nude varnishes in several shades or even vibrant and fruity colors.

#8 More brands available

Since the organic concept, the return to nature and the protection of the environment have gained momentum, organic cosmetics brands have multiplied . Likewise, that natural varnish signs are constantly growing in the market. This allows consumers to have a choice and to make a comparison before the purchase. They can compare not only the price but also the quality, the rendering or the ingredients that are present in the bottles.

We also recommend the natural nail polishes from Pure By Valérie for an impeccable and eco-responsible manicure.

#9 A good outfit

Natural varnishes have good staying power. Admittedly, they are less resistant to scratching than chemical varnishes. But, they can last several days on the nails . Thus, the user can do everything as in everyday life, without necessarily worrying about his manicure. They won't chip and hold perfectly.

#10 Prices are affordable

Organic products are often more expensive than conventional and industrialized products. However, with a rendering of such quality, healthy products, such as natural varnish, are undoubtedly more affordable.

In addition, there is a great possibility of choice in terms of brands, bottles, styles... on the market. So it is not essential to buy models of varnish that are too expensive. Samples in small bottles are even available for the most undecided.

#11 Suitable vegetable solvents

If the goal is to use only organic cosmetics, to the fingertips, it should be noted that there are also vegetable solvents. Indeed, there is no point in applying organic and natural varnish and then removing it with a toxic solvent. The results will remain the same. And your nails could be damaged by aggressive substances. Fortunately, users can easily find organic nail polish removers on the market.