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Natural for dark skin

Natural for dark skin

Products for dark skin are still only sparsely represented in the luxury perfumery and drugstore.

Hence a new, an online store with natural beauty and lifestyle products for dark and tan skin.

In 2008 the company Shizo Natural Cosmetics – founded by Shirly Tol and Bart Kraaijenbrink – launched the website with natural and organic cosmetics, make-up and perfumes. Shizo recently launched the webshop with natural products for dark skin.

For example, offers an extensive line of foundations. For many women with tan or dark skin, finding the right foundation color is a lengthy and sometimes frustrating search. Many brands in the perfumery or drugstore mainly focus on light skin tones. The range for dark skin is often limited to one or two shades, if there are already colors for dark skin. And that while dark skin – in contrast to white skin – has countless shades of color.

Frequently heard complaints are foundations that make dark skin turn gray or give a shiny result due to too much added oils. Although there are some professional make-up brands with a range for dark skin, the consumer until now only had a choice of products with synthetic ingredients. At, women with a tinted or dark skin can now find a natural alternative.