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Gestures for sensitive skin

If the skin type is fixed, the skin condition can change depending on the environment, diet, age. Thus, in addition to being normal, dry, combination or oily, the skin can therefore be sensitive. Sensitive skin is reactive skin:it reacts excessively to external aggressions (pollution, heat, cold, weather or even stress) or to the use of unsuitable cosmetics. It can be associated with combination, dry or oily skin, tends to redden (particularly in the cheeks) and can cause itching and/or a burning sensation. Discover all our gestures to take care of your sensitive skin on a daily basis.

Sensitive skin:we rely on gentle care

To soothe our sensitive skin, we will therefore bet on gentle care. Exit stripping treatments, over-cleansing of the skin or grain exfoliations. We favor double cleaning with as little water as possible (limescale can be irritating) by using a make-up remover oil or a cleansing balm associated with a cold saponified soap enriched with vegetable oils. We finish this cleaning step with a soothing floral water like that of Roman chamomile or Italian helichrysum.

Beauty tip of the week : p To bring comfort to your skin, rinse it after cleansing with Roman chamomile floral water. You will thus avoid the calcareous residues of the water while gorging your skin with the soothing and revitalizing benefits of Roman chamomile. And for even more freshness, keep it cool;)

Gestures for sensitive skin

Head for an ultra-soothing serum

Against redness, tightness and sensitivity, you can combine a beauty oil as a serum with a soothing moisturizer, which will protect the skin from external aggressions while strengthening its skin barrier. Head for sweet almond oils (like that of Oden), borage or rose, ideal for sensitive skin. Finish your routine with a suitable moisturizer, such as the soothing cream from Pai Skincare or the rich soothing cream from Patyka.

Gestures for sensitive skin

A mask and a cuddly balm to soothe sensitivities

For a cure of comfort for your skin, we make once or twice a week an ultra moisturizing mask and we leave a balm on as a mask for a whole night. For very soft and comfortable skin, choose Gaïna's softening mask with cotton and sweet almond oils, which strengthens the skin's suppleness while calming irritation. If you want a more intense treatment, apply a balm like a mask all night long:guaranteed comfort and plumped skin when you wake up!

A shock anti-redness duo

To bring comfort to your sensitive skin while soothing redness, we rely on a very effective winning duo with a relaxing serum with lavender active ingredients, comforting from the first application, in addition to an omega 3, 6 and 9 cure which visibly improves the quality of the hydrolipidic film.

Gestures for sensitive skin

When your diet plays a role

Against redness and rosacea, your diet plays an important role. Hypersensitive, your skin can react to many things, such as a drink that is too hot or a dish that is too spicy. We also prefer to avoid foods that are too rich in histamines (tomatoes, shellfish) likely to cause dilation of blood vessels and therefore redness, as well as products that are too rich in fats, sugars or even dairy products (cheeses). We opt for a diet rich in antioxidants (red fruits, vegetables, vitamin E, vitamin C) and of course balanced by avoiding processed or too rich dishes. Alcohol consumption should be reduced for less impact on the skin:favor water and soothing herbal infusions such as chamomile or red vine.

Zoom in on Absolution's calm skin treatment

This cure, effective in just 15 days, is perfect for skin prone to discomfort, tightness and redness. Enriched with ultra-soothing active ingredients such as lemon balm, immortelle or linden, it offers a cure of well-being and softness to our skin. Anti-inflammatory and calming, this in-depth treatment is also recommended to combat skin allergies or eczema.

Gestures for sensitive skin

A tailor-made routine for your sensitive skin

The secret to comfortable and soothed skin is therefore to opt for an appropriate routine! Discover our special selection for sensitive skin, from make-up removal to deep care.

The sensitive skin gesture of Gwénaëlle co-founder

"Who says sensitivity says discomfort, redness and tightness. Even if I have combination skin, I can't escape it! In addition to an adapted and gentle routine, I opt for a vegetable butter or a balm rich which helps me to reconstitute the hydrolipidic film of my skin, in particular in sensitive zones like the contour of the nose or the lips. I choose karéthic shea velouté to soothe tingling and redness. At night, I apply from time to time as a mask the super balm of Nourish London :it's like a cocoon of softness that I offer to my skin. To be tested urgently if your skin is thirsty for comfort!"

Gestures for sensitive skin