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A detox break for my skin

How about taking a detox break for your skin ?

Its benefits are no longer to be proven:your complexion is fresher because it is rid of impurities and toxins. But how to do a good detox without harming your skin? Follow the guide!

Skin detox:food first

Beyond caring for your skin, detox starts with food:less fat, more varied… The goal is to fill up with vitamins and minerals! Also drink plenty of water or tea throughout your day, like the Power Detox for example, and avoid alcohol as much as possible during your detox break . The idea is to rebalance your way of life.

Which care should be used for skin detox?

In terms of care, we first choose organic and natural care . Then we start the detox by getting rid of impurities and dead cells that make our complexion gray. So we start on the Madara exfoliant which will exfoliate while moisturizing. And for the body, choose a gentle scrub to avoid damaging the skin, like the one from Sister &Co with coconut sugar.

Steam can be a very good ally for your detox . The facial sauna is a good solution and will allow you to open the pores of your face! A little session in the sauna and your whole body will thank you;)

Daily care

For daily applications, serums, especially night care such as Gaina's serum, will be your favorite allies to eliminate toxins. For the day, choose a moisturizing cream and apply it by performing pressure points and massages:the pressure points around the eyes, and micro-massages all over the face by making the cream penetrate with circular movements, from the inside to the outside of the face.

Finally, think about masks for your detox break , once or twice a week. It may be interesting to alternate between two products. This first makes it possible to tackle 2 different problems, for example for dry skin, the organic yellow clay mask, and the face radiance mask to illuminate your face. This will also prevent your skin from getting used to the active ingredients of a particular product, and not reacting to them anymore. Do not hesitate to test the different masks that we offer in the monthly beauty boxes.

Ready for the detox ? 3, 2, 1, go!