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A bikini or bathing suit for every figure

A bikini or bathing suit for every figure

You can of course pretend that summer doesn't exist, but come on, there is a bikini or bathing suit for every figure. And now you think:Bah, a bathing suit? Think again, because the bathing suit is completely back in 2012.

A straight, boyish figure:
Suitable: Everything with 3D effect like ruffles, filling, rings, bows. Large prints also help to give a boyish body more shape. Embellished bottoms draw attention to the hips, suggesting a waistline.
Unsuitable: Bikinis that enhance straight lines with vertical stripes and anything that looks sober, without texture or accents.

A tummy:
Suitable: Bikini designs that fall over the waist (think:A-line tankini, bottoms with a wide bikini top) or swimsuits with built-in reinforcement around the tummy and waist section. A bikini with a slightly larger bottom that falls over the stomach, as the models from the fifties wore, also offers targeted camouflage.

Unsuitable: Tight tankinis, bottoms with details (such as a belt or tie), bottoms in a thong or low boxer model.

Wide hips and full thighs:
Suitable: Choose a bikini or bathing suit with striking details above the waist. A striking color, a plunging neckline, metallic trim; anything that draws attention to it is good. The bottom or bikini bottom is preferably cut a bit straighter and falls about three centimeters below the hip bone.
Unsuitable: Masculine shorts, a swimsuit with cut-out sides, embellished bikini bottoms and bikini bottoms with metal rings.

Small boobs:
Suitable: A bikini top with triangle cups suggests a fuller bust. Bikini tops with padding (filled cups) also contribute to an optically rounder bust.
Unsuitable: Swimsuits in a uni, dark color or sporty cut bikinis, made of sturdy fabrics that do not give room to curves.

Long torso and short legs:
Suitable: Choose a bathing suit or bikini bottom that is cut high. Because there is more skin above the legs, your legs appear longer. In the case of a long torso, a bikini is preferable to a bathing suit. It visually 'breaks' the upper body due to the separate top and bottom, making the torso appear shorter.
Unsuitable: Forget the bathing suits and bikinis with legs, shorts or boxers.