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How to make up in summer?

This wonderful and warm season that is summer reaches out to us. Longer, brighter days at high temperatures will become our daily lot after months of cold weather and seasonal transition. It is up to us to begin the appropriate adaptation to fully enjoy the summer. Light clothes, open shoes, water treatment, outdoor activities, summer is a promise of rest and vacation.

Go for light makeup

To stay naturally beautiful in these seasonal conditions, we recommend wearing light makeup. And this, just like the skin care to adopt for this season, to prevent clogging the pores.

The natural base

A base takes priority before placing other products on the skin such as makeup. The treatments in our beauty routine for the season meet the real needs of the skin tissue. The base and the care of the same ilk generally depend on the rituals and products established. However, hydration remains a must and can be a good make-up base. Given the current conditions, the moisturizer should be light to clog the pores as little as possible. For this purpose, we recommend the Hydrasens moisturizing day cream from the workshop of delights. Thanks to these active ingredients, this treatment deeply nourishes, soothes and hydrates the skin without leaving a greasy film .

Organic BB Cream

The base can also be a BB cream. This type of product combines moisturizer and foundation to meet the needs of the skin while magnifying it. The Funny Bee Paris brand offers its organic Pretty BB radiance cream enriched with beehive treasures. Thanks to its organic active ingredients and the natural pigmentation it contains, this cream beautifies the skin while providing it with the necessary care. Result:the skin is nourished and hydrated while the complexion is totally unified . A significant advantage with this treatment is that there is no need to hesitate between two shades. Indeed, its natural pigments derived from organic vegetable sugars adapt to all skin tones to offer a nude and natural finish.

Complexion enhancer

As soon as the complexion is well unified, we can proceed to a few small touch-ups with the caramel-colored organic complexion-enhancing trio. The three shades it contains accentuate and bring out our most beautiful features . The soft texture of its blush greatly facilitates application for a silky, long-lasting finish . Enriched with organic castor and apricot oil as well as shea butter, these wonderful shades will take care of your complexion.


Light or not, one step to respect for a well executed makeup is the line of the eyebrow . With Elissance Paris signature liner eyebrow pencil, draw your eyes in one line . With its two tips brush and pencil, you can adapt your look to your desires. Enriched with candelilla wax and jojoba oil, this pencil is long-lasting for a longer intense gaze. For doe eyes, our best advice can be found in our article:4 tips to intensify your gaze.


For those who want doe eyes , the mascara is a safe bet. Elissance Paris's intense black waterproof mascara sublimates lashes in just a few applications nicely zigzag. Its natural charcoal pigmentation imparts a deep black color for an intense look. The shorea resin allows it to be waterproof for a zero defect make-up .


One ​​last touch to have flawless eyes :a thin line of eyeliner . Boho Green Make up's black eyeliner gives a chic and timeless style . A single thin line is enough to open the eyes. Its natural and organic active ingredients allow easy application for a glowing look. This eyeliner underlines and intensifies without attacking the eyes.


Tofinish in style , adopt Miss W's organic raspberry glossy gloss. Its luscious color and shiny effect perfect makeup for a fresh complexion . Its composition in natural active ingredients takes care of the lips while beautifying them. Moisturizing, nourishing and protective, this gloss is a care for summer colors!