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Choosing trendy outfits for this new school year:tips and looks

It's back to school time, it's time to think about your fall or winter wardrobe, ladies! This is an important subject to be on top of the trend and succeed in having a look that perfectly matches your personality. And it's tricky! Because we absolutely cannot choose only favorite outfits. It is imperative to pay attention to your morphology to know how to dress well and put yourself in value. So, what do we choose for the new season coming up?

Define your silhouette

If you search well on online stores, you will be guided in the choice of your articles, but you will however have to define your silhouette with precision . Indeed, not all morphologies are the same:

  • you can first have an A-line silhouette , i.e. pyramidal. As the name suggests, your shoulders are narrow and your hips are wider. Sleeveless dresses will be perfect for you!
  • Then there is also the H-shaped silhouette , with a slightly marked waist, and broad shoulders like the hips. It will then be necessary to slender your silhouette.
  • Then, the figure of 8 corresponds to a slim waist and marked hips. In this case, you must opt ​​for a fitted cut, like the suit for example, which will be perfect for you.
  • Next comes the O-shaped silhouette , which corresponds to rounder women:clothes with a flared cut will be perfect!
  • The V-shaped silhouette is for women with slender hips and wider shoulders. The upper body can be concealed with wider cuts, combined with close-fitting pants or skirts.

You will understand, it is not always possible to wear what you want! It is essential to pay attention to the clothes you choose according to your morphology. Defining your silhouette is not difficult:you can do it yourself, or have it confirmed by an image consultant, for example, who will be able to guide you in choosing your clothes.

Opting for the suit, this fall's trend

Obviously it all depends on your style and your needs, especially professional ones. For a chic and modern look, the suit is making a comeback this fall ! In sober and elegant tones, the suit can be pants or skirt, it's up to you to choose what you prefer. The jacket is usually accompanied by a blouse or a top with a rounded neckline. You can accessorize this women's suit as you see fit with a pretty scarf, for example, very trendy, or even discreet jewelry that will enhance your outfit in its entirety. Do not hesitate to visit the site of Christine Laure which offers several tailors that could suit you.

The suit is comfortable and easy to wear, which you can easily decline throughout the season . The jacket is sometimes enough to keep you warm and you won't need to add an extra garment unless it's really cold outside. The suit is a timeless piece that will give elegance and refinement to your look. As a business woman, it is a piece of clothing that you absolutely must have in your wardrobe:it is undoubtedly the perfect professional outfit for any occasion, which will give credit to your words in front of your customers. No doubt, this outfit sends an important signal , between seriousness, chic and professionalism. So you can afford a tailor now!

Choosing the right color of clothing

Unfortunately, not all colors will suit you. It is essential to choose the one that suits your complexion , and which will also match your hair. The colorimetry cannot be improvised, and it is not recommended once again to act only on impulse. We have some tips that can help you.

Light tones

You should know that the lightest tones are suitable for women with dark complexions. Mixed-race people, or those with tanned skin can afford light and even pastel shades. On the other hand, for blondes who have a very fair complexion, it is recommended to opt for darker tones.

Dark tones

Dark tones such as black or brown, for example, are suitable for everyone. Women with very fair skin can enhance their looks with dark clothes and suits. However, women with dark hair should opt for a sparkling color .

Pop tones

Sparkling tones can really lift an entire outfit and make a difference. You can add a bit of color to your outfit regardless of your complexion, but you have to be careful with colors like yellow, for example, which will not go very well with blondes. Red, on the other hand, is perfect for everyone and allows you to color an outfit with elegance.


Finally, concerning the patterns, know that they are very trendy this year. It is in particular the geometric patterns that are making a strong comeback and allow you to create a completely new and original look. However, it is necessary to pay attention to certain unsuitable patterns which can destroy a style of dress. The graphics must remain light and discreet . You can also opt for a floral pattern that will soften your outfits and give them an original style, more finished than a classic plain.

You will understand, choosing an outfit for women is far from easy. It is necessary to take into account many criteria, the silhouette and the morphology of Madam must obviously be studied with care. The colors also should not be chosen at random. Finally, the style and trend must correspond to fashion news and respect certain styles.

The suit is an iconic piece in a woman's wardrobe and is making a comeback this year, so don't hesitate to treat yourself and opt for this piece that will really make all the difference. It's up to you and happy shopping! Don't forget to consider all the criteria before making a choice...