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Shopping and consumer credit:how does it work exactly?

Are you a fashion enthusiast? Do you have a particular preference for luxury clothing and accessories? Luxury brand products are very expensive. To finance your passion, you plan to take out a consumer loan. However, you wonder if consumer credit is advisable for this kind of expense. Why not, but it is a question of choosing the right type of credit for your needs. In addition, this kind of approach commits you, a loan must be repaid, let's not forget!

What is consumer credit?

Consumer credit is capital that the bank or other specialist institutions lend you. It is to be repaid every month over a given period . You can be granted consumer credit directly or through a merchant. Moreover, there are different types of consumer credit. They nevertheless offer fairly similar operating principles.

Consumer credit may be affected. This means that the funds granted to you are intended to pay for a specific purchase listed in the loan agreement. This loan can for example help you finance the purchase of a car or appliances.

Consumer credit can also be “unaffected”. In this case, it will be transferred to the beneficiary's bank account. The latter has the possibility to use the borrowed amount as he wishes . The beneficiary can redo his wardrobe with consumer credit, for example. She does not need to justify the purchases made with the loan.

The credit comparator to better adapt the offer to your needs

Consumer credit is a practical and quick solution for financing a project. However, it can sometimes be difficult to find the different offers from the banks. To help you see more clearly, consider using an online credit comparator .

The online comparator allows you above all to find a credit that meets your needs exactly. Thanks to this tool, it is indeed possible for you to make various consumer credit requests with the banking establishments of your choice (provided that they are present on the comparator). You will get several quotes. Then all you have to do is choose the establishment that suits you best based on your selection criteria.

We can also say that the use of an online credit comparator is both practical and discreet. To be at the forefront of fashion by getting a bag from the Hermès brand, for example, you no longer need to let everyone know that you have made a loan. Thanks to a price comparator, you won't even have to talk to a banker to get your loan. You can initiate the necessary steps discreetly in front of your computer. The comparator takes care of putting you in touch with the many banking platforms .

Luxury brands:when some use consumer credit to finance their fashion passion

Thanks to the amount borrowed, some renew their wardrobes by choosing from the collections of major brands such as Balmain, Bottega Veneta, Nina Ricci. But is it dangerous?

Of course, not all consumer credit offers allow you to finance your passion . In addition, you must be well advised before starting such a process , do not hesitate to seek advice from a professional.

Another point of vigilance concerning luxury brands, we advise you to beware of counterfeits, by reading this article on how to recognize a real luxury brand.

Revolving credit

Revolving credit is also called “revolving credit”. It is a consumer credit that comes in the form of a reserve of money. At any time, you can use the borrowed amount to finance non-predefined purchases , without supporting documents. After using all or part of your cash reserve, you repay the amount you used with interest to replenish the initial reserve. When the reserve of money is replenished in whole or in part, it can be borrowed again.

Credit without investigation

This is a credit available to the general public. Its particularity lies in its accessibility as well as its very short duration of treatment. The funds allocated by the credit without investigation can be used according to your will. For example, you can use it to offer yourself a luxury bag. It only concerns you. No need to justify anything. The most important thing is that you can prove that you are capable of repaying your loan .

Easy credit

As its name suggests, it is a credit that is easily obtained. By opting for this type of credit, you will not have to do any steps. All you have to do is make an online loan request . After a few clicks and redirects, you will receive a response. You will therefore have understood that there are different ways to finance your passion. In particular, you can opt for consumer credit that you will have to repay each month over a defined period. As we have just seen there are different types of credits.