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Beauty advice:how to maintain long hair?

Beauty advice:how to maintain long hair?

Split ends, brittle hair:The heat of the hair dryer and frequent blow-drying can eventually damage long hair. But by pampering them with proper care, your beautiful and long mane will bring you many satisfactions.

On a daily basis, most often avoid using a hair dryer or a straightener without first applying suitable products to your hair, such as a thermo spray. –Protector . Ideally, let them air dry and reserve the hot rollers only for special occasions.

If possible, avoid ponytails that are too tight , synonymous with stress for the roots… and potential hair loss.

In the evening, there is no need to inflict violent and endless brush strokes on your hair to remove residue from styling products. Use a dry shampoo . It gently cleanses the hair. Chic!

Choose softer styling products, such as hair waxes, styling creams or softer fixing lacquers.

Beautiful and strong hair starts with well-nourished hair. For healthy looking hair, vitamin C, silica, zinc and folic acid are at the top of the list of best nutrients. Abuse fruits, vegetables, whole grains, dairy products, poultry and sea fish… or opt for food supplements containing all the essential nutrients.