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Spring day – Tips for enjoying the sun!

We are unanimous, spring 2019 is here and the sun is getting more and more present! Yes, it's finally time to enjoy a beautiful spring day with the holidays coming to the Paris region. What could be better than lounging under a blue sky that warms the body to more than 20 degrees... The perfect opportunity to find a pair of sunglasses trend on the eshop for almost summer shopping before the hour! And on the lifestyle side, the April break before the long weekends in May is the idyllic moment for a change of scenery.

Spring day:bella vida in the sun…

What can I say, it feels good to be able to appreciate the days that are getting longer; to forget the down jacket in the closet and go out on the terrace.
After a harsh winter season, a good heat stroke, it boosts morale, right?
Let's make the most of this spring period to experience almost summery moments under the best auspices.

Spring day – Tips for enjoying the sun!
Here are my tips to apply if you enjoy April holidays in the sun:
– Adopt a mist sprayer, it's SOS care as soon as the skin overheats.
– Go out covered (Hat and cap are your faithful allies).
– God Save The Clim! Treat yourself and abuse the air conditioner (4 hours is the recommended time to feel better). Another alternative, the famous ventilator, which may well save your day.
– Water of course. Stay hydrated by drinking regularly and eating fruits rich in water such as melon or watermelon.
– Finally, for the lucky ones, this is the perfect opportunity to organize an impromptu pool party for chill with friends; or take a midnight swim by the sea with your lover of the moment (while admiring the stars as a bonus!).