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Spring 2019 fashion trends from fishnet to neon colors

Spring has officially started and that also means that your wardrobe can get an upgrade. I show you the spring 2019 fashion trends from fishnet to neon colors. This spring, opt for pastel blue, black and white checked or play it safe with neutral beige. But there is much more, discover it now in the fashion trends of spring 2019.

The spring 2019 fashion trends from fishnet to neon colors

Spring is the perfect time to update your wardrobe and add new colors. The fashion image is changing (read more about this change here)  and often you see trends that were completely hot 20 years earlier. This also applies to the spring 2019 fashion trends where many trends from the 90s return. Discover the new trends this spring, such as fishnet, polkadots, neutral beige and much more.

Neutral beige

A big fashion trend and always safe is neutral beige. Opt for a completely beige outfit or add some neutral accents to your wardrobe. Major designers such as Burberry and Tom Ford opted for completely beige outfits on the catwalks. These are trendy and elegant and can be worn under all circumstances.


The title already indicates it:the fashion trends spring 2019 from fishnets to neon colors, fishnets are completely hot. One abhors this new trend, the other embraces it. Whatever you think of it, there's no getting around it this spring:fishing nets are hot. Macrame and crochet fishnets have been frequently seen on the catwalks for the spring and summer collection. You simply wear the fishing nets over other clothing. Choose a fishnet dress to give your outfit that little bit of extra sunny flair.

Shawl designs

The prints that you encounter on silk scarves are the trends this season. The paisley and bandana motifs are stretched and found on all garments. You can create your own style with this:opt for a complete outfit with striking prints or add a top, shirt or belt with these motifs to your outfit.

Polk Dots

There is no such thing as boredom this spring. The fashion image is determined by all kinds of prints and motifs and polkadots are part of that. And they are not just polkadots, the designers have a pronounced preference for the colors black and white. Combine a white blouse with black polka dots or wear a black skirt with white polka dots. The choice is yours.

Butterfly details

The 90s are all the way back and how. The catwalk is full of trends that were completely hot in the 90s. The same goes for the butterfly details. These are everywhere in the outfits. From very small and subtle to a complete garment made in the shape of a butterfly. Feel free to indulge in this trend. Need inspiration? Then take a look at designers such as Naeem Khan and Jasmine.

Black and white checked

Another great influence and inspiration from the 90s are the chessboard motifs. The black and white checkered garments will dominate a large part of the fashion scene this season. Of course, we play with very supple and light fabrics that fit perfectly in warmer temperatures.

Pastel blue

Looking for a trendy color for spring 2019? Then choose pastel blue. This color is reflected in everything and you can go in all directions with this. A complete outfit in light blue or subtle additions that give your outfit that little bit extra. Or opt for a solid-colored garment with patterns in pastel blue.

Colored areas

Do the aforementioned trends not quite appeal to you because you love colors? Perhaps this trend is for you:colored surfaces. You can really make a statement with this trend. And the colors? Of course you can determine that yourself, as long as there are several colors that flow into each other or touch each other. The colors are allowed to speak and be striking.

Cycling pants

Believe it or not:cycling shorts are a real hit this spring! The art of wearing cycling shorts is to combine them in such a way that you still look fashionable. Wear it with a trendy blouse or combine the cycling shorts with an open cardigan.

Crochet garments

Not only the 90s are coming back, the designers are going back to the 70s. We see this in crocheted garments. These were frequently seen on the catwalks. You can also go in all directions for this trend:from a crochet top to a completely crocheted dress.

Neon colors

Do you want to make a statement with your clothes? Then neon colors are the right choice for you. Whether you choose neon yellow, pink or green, neon is it. Jump into spring with striking colours.

A mix of designs

It is by no means boring this year. The spring 2019 fashion trends are so diverse and this trend adds an extra dimension to it. Mix different designs together until a good match. Make sure that the colors are coordinated, so that they tell their own story. The motives can really vary widely.

Safari jacket with many extras

If you always feel like you're running out of space, this trend is for you. For this fashion trend, the safari jacket is updated to a jacket with extra pockets. Chest pockets and regular jacket pockets offer plenty of space for your personal items. Want to go a little further? Then choose a long model that looks like a dress and wear it with a lot of flair and style.

Trendy metallic

Metallic is back and how. The shiny fabrics in all kinds of colors provide a cheerful and, above all, striking appearance. Marcel Ostertag and Vivienne Hu have stylishly incorporated the metallic plaid in their designs.

Off shoulder, but on one side

Off shoulder is so outdated (read in 2018) this year we are doing it completely different. It's still off shoulder, but on one side. The advantage:you are only cold on one side. A bit of a special trend, but worn in the right way, definitely stylish and a real eye-catcher.

Statement feathers and fringes

The fashion trends are all about standing out and creating a bit of drama. That drama can be perfectly created with feathers. It is not about complete feathers, but more about fringes mixed with feathers. Soft and it fits perfectly with spring.

Bright orange

Not only bright neon colors are hot and trendy, that also applies to the color orange. Let that also be the color of the Netherlands and come out well with King's Day. Now you don't have to limit yourself to King's Day or football to be able to wear orange. The beauty of it is that you can mix and match this color with quite a few other colors to have a trendy outfit.

Clear plastic jackets

Spring is all about the outfit you wear under your jacket. Where the jacket normally still hides what you wear underneath, this spring the jackets are made of transparent plastic. Your outfit under the jacket is therefore immediately visible to everyone. The jackets look a lot like a raincoat and are also extremely suitable for the sometimes capricious weather in spring.

Bermuda shorts

Are cycling shorts a street too far for you and do you not find them fashionable? Then the Bermuda shorts are a great alternative for you. They are the same length, but a lot looser. Of course you can also combine these nicely with all kinds of shirts, blouses and cardigans.

Large square and rectangular areas

The blocks come back in all sorts of ways. This is also the case with large square and rectangular surfaces that will adorn the garments. These surfaces can be found on dresses, skirts, jackets and even jeans.

Magenta, magenta and more magenta

A color that should definitely not be missing in your wardrobe this spring is magenta. A darker and brighter pink, with more depth. The color is slightly exotic and fits perfectly with the budding nature.

Zebra print

Animal prints have been hot in the fashion world for a while now and there is no end to it. Until now it was mainly leopard prints, from now on the zebra print will take over.

Blouses with ruffles

Blouses are super feminine and stylish and should not be missing in your wardrobe. What makes a blouse an even bigger eye-catcher this year? A blouse with ruffles. The ruffles can be quite large and striking.

Metallic blush

Metallic is already a trend in itself, but add blush to this and you get a super feminine and charming trend. This material is a must if you are not afraid to stand out in a stylish way. Also ideal for updating your work outfit a bit.

Suits with print

A suit in itself is already a statement, especially for you as a woman. Want to take it one step further this spring? Then choose a suit with print. The choice of motifs is very extensive and you can really go in all directions with it.


Another color that you will see in fashion is pastel lavender. The color matches the season and can be combined endlessly. Go for a soft look with only pastel shades or combine with a dark color for a bit more spice in your outfit.

Two-tone maxi dress

Fashion is anything but boring this season. Maxi dresses are trendy and by choosing a two-tone maxi dress you will definitely stand out. Ideal for late spring when it's already summer and you are looking for an airy and above all beautiful dress.

Blazer with pink tones

A blazer can quickly come across as businesslike and boring, at least under normal circumstances. Fortunately, the designers saw this too and gave the blazer a complete makeover this year. In the spring you see blazers with shades of pink in the fashion image.

See-through trousers

Are you not afraid to show more of yourself or are you just looking for very airy pants? Then you're in the right place with the spring 2019 fashion trends. You may wear see-through pants. These pants are made of fishnet fabric, voile and other net-like fabrics, where you can actually see everything you wear underneath.


Tie-dye is making a big comeback this spring. With tie-dye you can really go in all directions. You can also get started with this yourself. That way you make unique garments that no one else has.

These are the spring 2019 fashion trends from fishnet to neon colors. Which trend appeals to you the most and will you definitely wear?