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Preowned fashion gets a new life

We are becoming more sustainable and that has not gone unnoticed in the fashion industry. Preowned fashion is given a new lease of life thanks to initiatives such as clothing swap, Zalando, Tommy Hilfiger and Vinted.

Sustainable living

We live in a world that runs 24 hours a day. Over the past decades, this has resulted in a society in which disposables were central. There is currently a whole mindset change going on:more and more people are becoming aware of the fact that disposables are a major burden for humans and animals. This has started a whole movement. From apps that prevent food waste to worn clothes that get a new life.

Preowned fashion gets a new life

For years, wearing second-hand clothes was only for people who really had no money for new clothes, nowadays it is hip if your clothes are second hand. Gone are the days when people who bought or received worn clothes were looked down upon. In fact, big brands such as Zalando, H&M and Tommy Hilfiger jump in and buy worn clothes. But there are more initiatives and possibilities for worn second hand clothing.

Vinted for second-hand clothes

The most famous website to score nice second hand clothing is of course Vinted. You used to also have United Wardrobe, but this concept has now been bought by Vinted. On Vinted you can easily and quickly sell worn clothes for yourself, your partner and children. Of course you also have the opportunity to score other clothes for an attractive price.

I myself have had an account on Vinted for a while now and I have to say that I really like it. Of course there is sometimes a mistake (buy and sell), but in general it is just a very nice app/website. It is not tied to the Netherlands, so you reach a large audience with your stuff, which means that the chance of sale is much greater than, for example, on Marktplaats.

By the way, you can not only sell clothes on Vinted, but also toys and home decoration!

Chain clothes swap

An initiative that was created by a private individual and is currently increasing in popularity:chain clothing exchange. That sounds very complicated, but it is actually no more than a national initiative to have a transfer bag with clothing go from one person to another.

You get a bag of clothes. This is where you take out clothes, put other clothes in and pass that bag on to the next person on the list. That way you get rid of clothes that no longer fit you or that you no longer wear. In addition, you can pick out 'new' preowned clothing to replenish your closet.

Exchange preowned fashion at Zalando

Did you know that you can also send worn clothes to Zalando? Do you have items in your closet that you have rarely or never worn? Then offer it to Zalando. They will inspect your clothing, offer you an amount and, after approval, convert it into shop credit. Read the rules carefully first, because not everything may and cannot be offered.

Don't want shop credit? Then you can also donate the amount to a charity chosen by Zalando. That way you learn a contribution twice:your clothes get new life and you support a good cause.

Tommy Hilfiger preowned fashion

If you are a fan of Tommy Hilfiger fashion then this might be for you. With this fashion brand you now have the option to return or send fashion items from this brand to the store. In return you will receive discount vouchers. The collected clothing is selected, washed and repaired if necessary by The Renewal Workshop.

Clothing that cannot be repaired is recycled into yarn. Repaired garments will be relisted for sale. In this way, sustainable fashion is being worked on.

Hand in old clothes to H&M and C&A

Not only Zalando and Tommy Hilfiger are committed to sustainable fashion, fashion chains H&M and C&A are also participating. Collect all old clothes and return them by bag to a store of your choice. As a thank you for helping to recycle, you will receive a 15% discount coupon. You may hand in a maximum of 2 vouchers at a time.

A fun way to clear out old clothes and already score a discount for new fashion items.

Bring Sexy back campaign from Hunkemöller

No, for the Bring Sexy Back promotion you don't just have to return lingerie and nightwear. All clothing is welcome at this lingerie giant. For a full bag of clean clothes you will receive a discount voucher that you can spend directly in the store. Incidentally, this is not necessary immediately, the coupon is valid for 3 months.



After the above, textile giant Zeeman also joins in to make fashion more sustainable with Zeeman RESALE. You hand in your clothing that you no longer wear to a branch that participates in this project. See the addresses below!

Zeeman then hands in this clothing to Het Goed, a social enterprise with 28 recycling centers. There the clothing is checked and selected. Zeeman then buys the clothes again and you can buy second-hand clothes at Zeeman to your heart's content. In this way, the company hopes to limit the impact in the fashion world a little bit.

The following affiliates are participating:

Sint Jacobslaan 137 in Nijmegen

Market 40 city Plaza in Nieuwegein

Osdorpplein 383 in Amsterdam

Barony 18 in Alphen

Vlamingstraat 24 in The Hague

Market 11-13 in Maastricht

Do you also wear trendy pre-owned fashion items?