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The tie-dye print:the new summer fashion trend

After the bandana print, it's the turn of the tie and dye print to make a comeback on the fashion scene. Did you think this print was definitely outdated? This wave-shaped color gradient that was all the rage in the 90s has not said its last word!! On the contrary, fashion designers are offering us a revisited version of tie and dye on clothes , for trendy and modern looks.How to wear tie-dye on her clothes without looking 12 years old? How to accessorize a tie-dye garment ?Mes Habits Chéris gives you an overview of this new spring/summer 2020 trend.

What's the tie and dye trend?

At the time, the tie and dye it was a heavy, multicolored wash. An extremely widespread fashion in the 70s with the rise of pop culture. With vintage fashion many trends that were thought to be forgotten have resurfaced. Just watch the Fashion Week shows to understand that the retro style is trendy. Still hesitating? Wait to see how the tie-dye print enhances your looks in an instant.

How to wear the tie and dye trend?

Tie and dye pastel version

This year 2020, to sport a trendy look with a tie-dye garment , we opt for pastel colors. Gone are the once adored multi-vitamin colours. The time is discretionary. Or almost! The trend is present in all everyday fashion pieces:blazers, t-shirts, oversized jackets, pants, etc. The wave is also sweeping over accessories:scarves, hair scrunchies, barrettes, shoes, etc. C is the new trendy print worn by the stars!

How to integrate a tie and dye garment into your clothing style?

For a trendy look, dare to mix a white baby doll dress with a tie and dye scarf . Sixties and seventies atmosphere for a romantic and chic look!

Looking for a more trashy and rock version? Dare to wear the tie-dye denim jacket or the total look. Bob on the head and clicky jewelry, take out the outfit and mix it all up with neutral and basic pieces.

What shoes with tie-dye clothing?

  • When it comes to shoes, opt for a sportswear or casual style if you wear tie-dye on clothes
  • Wear trendy sandals, Dad shoes or sneakers to spice up the softness of your pastel room.
A fan of retro looks? Puma or Adidas sneakers or shoes paired with glasses with colored lenses, dare the good old retro look, Gipsy Kings style. Is it too much for you? In this case, test the tie and dye with sobriety:
  • On a two-piece swimsuit at the beach.
  • On a pretty tie-dye sarong to color a black or white swimsuit.
  • As a headband or scarf (the trendy accessory of the moment) to upgrade a basic look.

In summary:

The return of tie and dye, yes! But be careful to wear this retro print well:

  • We opt for a tie and dye in pastel colors or in black and white.
  • We forget the ultra-colorful models of the time.
  • We mix its print with other pieces with a very trendy cut (oversize, ruffles, balloon sleeves, etc.).
  • If the tie-dye print scares you, try it as a fashion accessory:shoes, scarf, hair scrunchie, etc!