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The new trend:slip dresses

Slip dresses entered the fashion world in the 1920s as a way to replace corsets. Until the 1990s, however, they were only worn as undergarments. A slip dress is a must have item to wear under a sheer skirt or dress or as lingerie. But there are also models with a corrective function, so they are always very handy to have in your wardrobe. Slips became a fashion trend in the 1990s when designers began creating dresses inspired by slips and lingerie. Artists such as Madonna have brought this trend to the streets. While this trend died out at one point, today it's back and hipper than ever.

Fashion trend or lingerie?
We can all agree that not every woman wants and dares to wear a slip without fear that it will look provocative and vulgar. This trend is therefore not suitable for every woman, except as underwear or lingerie of course. A slip dress from is suitable for this. However, if you pair your slip dress with the right outfits, accessories, makeup and hairstyle, you can make sure you look your best without the fear of looking like you're walking around in sleepwear.

How do you wear a slip dress? You can combine a slip dress with unbuttoned cardigans, oversized sweaters, long coats or kimonos to create an elegant evening look. Finish this off with pumps and a small clutch. Slip dresses can also be used to create a casual outfit. For this, choose a slip dress that is made of natural fabrics such as cotton. Combine it with tights, denim or a leather jacket. You can also wear a long shirt on it. Pair with ankle boots or high thigh boots if the dress is slightly short. You can also turn a slip dress into a tunic by pairing it with leggings or skinny jeans.

If you have properly combined the slip, it will look perfect. But there are some rules that you must adhere to. Wear underwear underneath that is not visible under the thin fabric of the dress. Also pay attention to the size when choosing a slip dress. The dress should not be too tight or too loose. Also know that you can't wear it everywhere, so don't wear it at work or on
official occasions. If you keep these rules in mind you will rock the slip trend!