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Trend:"care-in-water", the new texture that is a hit

Crème d’Eau, Baume-en-Eau, Gel d’Eau… Recently, new names have appeared on the packaging of beauty treatments. And far from being just marketing terms, they refer to brand new textures, inspired by cosmetics from Asia:in contact with the skin, they turn into water. In concrete terms, we are talking about “quick break” technology:“thanks to ultra-sensitive polymers, it immediately brings a feeling of freshness to the epidermis”, as David Michel, international group manager for Uriage, explains to us. Which is great for the summer!

For all skin types

The good news is that they are suitable for all skin types:just choose the texture adapted to your skin type (rather gel/serum for combination to oily skin, cream for normal skin and balms for dry skins). The "care-in-water" therefore replaces our usual cream, temporarily or all year round, and is combined with a serum and an eye contour. It is used rather during the day (for the freshness side), but nothing prevents it from being applied in the evening as well. Here is our selection, tested and approved (in slide above).